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Zhang Y - iOS native app development developer
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Zhang Y

As a talented Full Stack Web & Mobile App Engineer, I am happy to have a chance to offer my expertise to you. With my rich experience, you will be glad about collaborating with me.

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Weekly Availability: 45 hours
Mon15 - 2407 - 16
Tues15 - 2407 - 16
Wed15 - 2407 - 16
Thurs15 - 2407 - 16
Fri15 - 2407 - 16

Hourly Rate:$62.50
Experience:8 yrs
iOS native app development:7+ yrs
React:7 yrs
Python:7 yrs
Machine learning:7 yrs
PHP:6+ yrs
C#:6+ yrs
Android native app development:6+ yrs
Engineer's Devices:
Android Tablet

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1.8 hours
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2 / 3
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LD Talent     Developer     Contract
Nov 2022 - Present

    Skills used: CSS, jQuery, Django, React, Vue.js

    SEKO Scheepselektrotechniek     Ship Control iOS App Development     Full Stack Developer     Contract
    Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

    • I worked for this company for 1 year as a part-time full stack engineer.
    • I developed a PLC control iOS app for this company. I used techniques like IoT and iOS native app development.
    • It worked based on OPC UA and I used Xamarin.iOS for the app development.

    Skills used: iOS native app development, Xamarin, iOT

    Sagelink     Sagelink Ambassador Management     Full Stack Developer     Contract
    Mar 2022 - Sep 2022

    • I worked on the Sagelink community app. It was built with Flutter and GraphQL. I used the Neo4j database for it.
    • I used Neo4j for the Sagelink community app for their database and I used Firebase for ambassador management.
    • I used Nodejs for the Shopify app and I used React for the frontend and I deployed on Heroku.
    • I used JavaScript for Firebase functions.

    Skills used: React, Neo4j, Nodejs, Firebase, Flutter, Shopify, GraphQL

    Tinint     ConnectWellbeing App     Senior Mobile App Developer     Employment
    Jan 2020 - Nov 2021

    • I used Xamarin Forms for App Development and I used ASP.NET Core for the backend.
    • ASP.NET uses MSSQL by default, but I used MySQL for the database.

    Skills used: MySQL, Xamarin, ASP.NET

    Link to the project:
    Red Sentence Ltd     Mobile App     Mobile App Developer     Employment
    Mar 2021 - Sep 2021

    • I developed native apps with Java and Swift for Android and iOS.
    • I used Flutter and React native for cross-platform apps.
    • I used Postgres for the database for these companies' mobile app projects.

    Skills used: React native, Postgres, Java, Flutter, Swift

    Link to the project:
    KindRedTechnology     Mobile App Development     Senior Mobile App Developer     Employment
    Mar 2021 - Aug 2021

    • I developed the first app with React native. It was a church app.
    • I developed a second app with Java. It was an Android native app and it was used for a school.
    • I developed a third app with Flutter. It was a simple app for both Android and iOS.

    Skills used: Flutter, Java, React native

    Devanzare Ltd     Machine Learning and Cryptocurrency     Senior Software Developer     Contract
    Aug 2019 - Jul 2021

    • I worked on Blockchain projects and Machine learning projects.
    • I used Solidity and NFT experience for the Blockchain projects.
    • I used deep learning for Machine learning projects and I used Python, Tensorflow, and PyTorch for it.
    • I worked on some Unity Game Design and Development projects with Unity3D and C#.

    Skills used: Machine learning, Blockchain, PyTorch, Unity Game Design and Development, Tensorflow, Python

    Red Sentence Ltd     Phoenix Website     Full Stack Developer     Employment
    Jul 2020 - Feb 2021
    Real Estate

    • I used WordPress for content management and I used PHP for API integration.
    • I used jQuery and React for the frontend and I used the MySQL database.
    • I used Laravel and JavaScript for the sub-website.

    Skills used: MySQL, Laravel, React, PHP, Wordpress, JavaScript, jQuery

    Damian System Engineering Co Za     Web and Mobile App development     Full Stack Developer     Contract
    Dec 2014 - Feb 2021

    • I used C++ and C# for Desktop Application development.
    • I used Python for Machine learning and backend development.
    • I used React Native and Flutter for mobile app development.
    • I did Android native app development and iOS native app development.
    • I used React and other javascript frameworks for frontend and I used PHP for backend.

    Skills used: React, Android native app development, Machine learning, C#, PHP, iOS native app development, Python


    Wuhan University of Technology    Master  (Computer Science)
    Apr 2016 - Jun 2020


    Information Engineering    Wuhan University of Technology
    Apr 2016 - Jun 2020
    Skills learnt: React, React native, Artificial intelligence, Data mining, PyTorch, Flutter, Tensorflow, Deep learning
    Computer Science    University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
    Apr 2010 - Aug 2014
    Skills learnt: Android native app development, Machine learning, C#, PHP, Java, C++, iOS native app development, Python, JavaScript