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Abdelkhalek Z - Laravel developer
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Abdelkhalek Z

I'm Abdelkhalek ZELLAT, Software Engineer, Skilled in React Native, ReactJS, Laravel, NodeJS, TypeScript and DevOps.

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Weekly Availability: 49 hours
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Hourly Rate: $62.50
Experience: 4+ yrs
Laravel: 4+ yrs
React native: 3+ yrs
Redux: 3+ yrs
Twilio API: 3+ yrs
React: 2+ yrs
CSS: 2 yrs
HTML: 2 yrs
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Android Tablet

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Maystro Delivery     Maystro Partners     Software Engineer     Employment
Jul 2019 - Present

  • I worked on the main apps for all app stores. I chose React Native to deliver fast products to customers and also for cross-platform support.
  • At maystro we used Redux for all the state management stuff.
  • We used twilio api for authentification using phone number.

Skills used: React native, Twilio API, Redux

Links to the project:

BenlowDev     Qommander     Software Engineer     Employment
Jun 2020 - Present
Food and Agriculture

  • I developed a restaurant management system, and a new and modern cash management system using React and Laravel.
  • I also worked on managing the product and splitting the tasks between the dev team.

Skills used: Laravel, React

Unchained Agency     BlednaLive, Alfanous, Spartask,United Algeria     Software Engineer     Employment
Sep 2019 - Present

  • I worked on several projects with Unchained using React Native. We were a freelance agency that works with many clients in Algeria.
  • At Unchained we used Redux for all the state management stuff.

Skills used: React native, Redux

Link to the project:
BILDIT, Inc.     BILDITInc     Developer     Contract
Mar 2021 - Jul 2021
Arts and Entertainment

  • Built out the application using React Native and Redux.
  • The application deals with diverse business services.

Skills used: React native, Redux

Mavor     Software Developer     Employment
Oct 2019 - Jun 2020

  • Mavor is a social network to organize and participate in events for French startups.
  • I joined this project as a freelance back-end developer. I used Laravel and for realtime chat.

Skills used: Socket.IO, Laravel

Link to the project:
Siamois QCM     Front End Developer     Employment
Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

  • I worked on the UX Design of the Quiz Part and implemented it using CSS and jQuery.
  • Handled maintaining, expanding, and scaling the platform
  • Contributed to the launch of the platform and helped it reach its first 1000 users

Skills used: UX Design, CSS, jQuery

Link to the project:
ABC Pepsi     Website landing page     Web Developer     Employment
Jul 2018 - Dec 2019
Food and Agriculture

  • I worked on developing the main website landing page using HTML and CSS.
  • We used Laravel for the backend.

Skills used: CSS, Laravel, HTML

Link to the project:
CSE - Club Scientifique de l'ESI     LaraHack     Software Developer     Passion Project
Jun 2018 - Dec 2018

  • LaraHack is a complete administration system designed especially for hackathons and similar competitions, developed mainly using Laravel.
  • For participants, it's a clean way to submit applications with or without a team and confirm attendance.
  • For organizers, it's an easy way to create your hackathon website and view registrations.

Skills used: Laravel

Link to the github:


Ecole nationale SupĂ©rieure d'Informatique, ESI ex INI, Algiers    Engineering Degree  (Computer Science Engineering)
Sep 2017 - Jun 2022

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