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Abdul-Azeez G - React developer
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Abdul-Azeez G

An engineer with the required knowledge of the tooling and building systems needed for full application development. Someone who takes great care in developing secured applications. And also tries to make codebases as simple as possible, so that other developers do not struggle when working on them. Also, very involved in developing applications with a great user experience.

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Hourly Rate:$30.00
Experience:1+ yrs
React:1+ yrs
Java:1+ yrs
Redux:1+ yrs
React native:1+ yrs
Git:1+ yrs
JavaScript:1+ yrs
Typescript:1 yrs
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Cyberme Studio     MoneyLoop     Senior Frontend Engineer     Employment
May 2022 - Present

  • I was in a team of two who built the MoneyLoop mobile and web apps. The mobile apps were built with React native, targeting Android and iOS. The web app was built with React.
  • The codebase was initially in JavaScript, but we switched to TypeScript when rewriting the improved app. Redux was used for state management and git for version control.
  • I set up the end-to-end test using Detox and Jest. I also collaborated with DevOps to set up the build pipeline for CI/CD using Github actions.

Skills used: React, React native, Java, Typescript, Git, JavaScript, Redux

Link to the project:
Swept Technologies     Swept     Senior React Native Engineer     Employment
Nov 2021 - Apr 2022

  • I was a part of the team building the Swept mobile app with React native, targeting both Android and iOS. The codebase was written in JavaScript and Git was used for version control.
  • Redux was used for state management and I also fixed some native-specific bugs using Java and Objective C.

Skills used: React, React native, Java, Objective C, Git, JavaScript, Redux


Obafemi Awolowo University    B.Sc  (Computer Science with Mathematics)
Jan 2012 - Feb 2018