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Abhishek S - REST developer
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Abhishek S

I specialize in full-stack web app development and I have experience building complex web applications from scratch using technologies like React JS, Redux, Node JS, Express JS, MongoDB, MySQL, REST APIs, HTML/CSS, Jest and Enzyme (Unit Testing), JSON Web Tokens, and AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3)

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Hourly Rate:$62.50
Experience:4+ yrs
REST:3+ yrs
Redux:3+ yrs
HTML:3+ yrs
React:3+ yrs
CSS:3+ yrs
Typescript:3 yrs
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Renaissance Capital     IPO Intelligence     Front End Engineer     Contract
Apr 2020 - Present

  • Led the front end development of company’s new web app as the sole front end engineer in the team
  • Made developments to an existing codebase and reduced technical backlog by 100% at a rapid pace
  • Collaborated with back end engineers and other stake holders to make the web app ready for launch
  • Developed new features, fixed bugs, refactored code, implemented unit tests, and wrote documentations
  • Used TypeScript, React JS, Redux, HTML, SCSS, REST APIs, and Jest and Enzyme for all development and testing

Skills used: Typescript, Redux, CSS, HTML, React, REST

Personal Project     FloraDetails     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Aug 2020 - Dec 2020
Natural Resources and Mining

  • Developed a web-app which shows plant details and lets users make accounts to store their favorite plants
  • Used React JS, Redux, HTML, and CSS to build a responsive UI which shows plant details in paginated tables with filtering options
  • Used Nodejs and ExpressJS to build an API to connect to a MongoDB Atlas database hosted on the cloud
  • Built an auth workflow with Bcrypt and JSON Web Tokens, and configured NodeMailer for sending password reset emails
  • Built a feature for users to upload pictures, which gets stored on an AWS S3 bucket, and rendered on the UI

Skills used: MongoDB, Redux, AWS, ExpressJS, HTML, Nodejs, React

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
The Climate Corporation     Nota Fiscal     Intern: Software Engineer     Internship
May 2019 - Aug 2019
Food and Agriculture

  • Led a team of 3 engineers for developing a system to let users securely download sensitive documents
  • Discussed solutions, defined tasks, gave timely reports, wrote documents, and delivered project in 6 weeks
  • Developed a reusable UI dropdown component which serves around 150 daily download requests
  • Wrote unit tests for both back-end and front-end, refactored code, and used agile development practices
  • Used JS ES6, React JS, Redux, Apex (Salesforce Lightning), SOQL (Query Language), REST APIs, and HTML/CSS for all development

Skills used: Redux, CSS, Salesforce Lightning, HTML, Apex, React, REST

Genentech     Internal Web App     Intern: Software Engineer     Internship
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

  • Enhanced company’s internal web-app used by 40,000 employees by developing features and fixing bugs.
  • Implemented React-Tabs, an external UI component, to conditionally render 400 links inside a user menu.
  • Used React JS, ES6, Redux, PHP - Laravel, REST APIs, SASS (SCSS), and HTML/CSS for all development.

Skills used: PHP, Redux, CSS, HTML, Laravel, React, REST


California State University, East Bay    B.Sc  (Computer Science)
Aug 2016 - May 2020