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Ashutosh K - SQL developer
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Ashutosh K

Experienced Data Scientist who takes pride in building solutions that translates data points into actionable business insights. Armed with PG in Data Science with IIITB, now eager to apply the same knowledge and analytical skills to real-world business problems apart from the current professional tasks.

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Hourly Rate:$16.00
Experience:8 yrs
SQL:6 yrs
OracleDB:5+ yrs
REST:5+ yrs
UNIX:5+ yrs
Java:5+ yrs
Data Science:1+ yrs
Python:1+ yrs
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ascena retail group     Oracle Retail and Advanced Analytics     Developer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Jul 2020

  • Developed Time Series forecasting model for predicting the unit’s movement of the inventory in the warehouses and stores in order to achieve inventory optimization, at the different granularity levels
  • Developed new flat file-based interface for Purchase Orders Transmission which led to Reduction in expenses of $4.5 million annually on Price Tickets spends on variable price tickets.
  • Refined and modified Catalog and Price data feed which resulted in $3.5 million LBO Business benefits to Ship and Receive LBO Branded products from DC to LBO stores and vice-versa.
  • All of the solutions in Data Science, Data Analytics are built using Python as main programming language and SQL, Tableau as visualization tool as applicable.

Skills used: SQL, Data Analytics, Data Science, Python, Tableau

Link to the github:
IIITB     Academic Projects     Student     Course Project
Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

  • Worked on 40 plus projects, details are present in GitHub profile
  • NYC Parking Tickets Analysis: PySpark Project
  • Predicting Dow Jones: Deep Learning
  • Gesture Recognition Project: Deep Learning
  • All of the solutions in Data Science, Machine Learning are built using Python as main programming language and MySQL, Tableau as visualization tool as applicable.

Skills used: Deep learning, Data Science, Machine learning, MySQL, Python

TESCO     New Buying System     Software Engineer     Employment
Aug 2012 - Sep 2017

  • Developed Price, Product Service and Commercial Hierarchy Extract - file based from Merchandising/Pricing to newer system using UNIX, SQL and OracleDB.
  • Learned and Worked on RESTful web-services using Java and Couchbase (NoSQL) for testing of REST endpoints for price, promotion, and clearance and performance tuning using Jmeter.

Skills used: OracleDB, SQL, Java, UNIX, REST


IIITB    Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science  (Data Science)
Mar 2019 - Apr 2020
BVBCET    Bachelor of Engineering  (Instrumentation Technology)
Aug 2008 - Aug 2012