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Ayomide A - Firebase developer
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Ayomide A

I am a diligent, focused, and passionate software developer. I develop apps, and design prototypes, and I love playing tennis. I also have a youtube channel with which I teach app development and product design. I own a product design community of over 700 members.

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Weekly Availability: 63 hours
Sun18 - 2410 - 16
Mon10 - 2002 - 12
Tues10 - 2002 - 12
Wed10 - 2002 - 12
Thurs10 - 2002 - 12
Fri10 - 2002 - 12
Sat09 - 1601 - 08

Hourly Rate:$37.50
Experience:5 yrs
Firebase:4+ yrs
Android Studio:4 yrs
SQLite:4 yrs
Android native app development:4 yrs
Java:4 yrs
NoSQL:4 yrs
XML:4 yrs
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PipeDreamers Foundation     PipeDreamersFoundation     Developer     Contract
Mar 2022 - Jun 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Flutter to develop frontend of the Correckrd app.
  • Developed backend in Firebase cloud firestore.
  • Use of Google Maps API to locate user's neighborhood.

Skills used: Flutter, Google Maps API, Firebase

PennyTree     UI UX Designer     Contract
Jan 2022 - Feb 2022

  • Gathered UX Research in collaboration with the product owner and business analyst.
  • Illustrated UI Design and UX Design ideas using storyboards, process flows, and sitemaps.
  • Designed graphic user interface elements, like menus, tabs, and widgets.
  • Built page navigation buttons and search fields.
  • Developed UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how mobile apps function and look like with Adobe XD.

Skills used: UX Research, Adobe XD, UI Design, UX Design

Link to the project:
Tranquil Life     Software Developer     Passion Project
Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

  • UX Research to know user requirements and to add realistic contexts and insights to the design process.
  • Adobe XD for UI Design of the mobile app (Client & Consultant) and web admin panel.
  • Mobile Frontend Design using Flutter (Dart), and Firebase for dynamic links, cloud storage, FCM, and remote config.
  • Git to track changes made to the project.
  • Laravel to set up the server, MySQL for the database, and Heroku to host the server.

Skills used: MySQL, Laravel, Firebase, Adobe XD, Flutter, Git, Heroku

Errand360     Software Developer     Employment
Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Flutter to develop the frontend of vendor and delivery guy apps.
  • Laravel (PHP) and MySQL for the backend.
  • Firebase cloud messaging for push notifications via the API.
  • AWS for media storage to store images, videos, and pdf files from the app.
  • Git to backup project changes at various intervals.

Skills used: MySQL, Laravel, AWS, PHP, Firebase, Flutter, Git

Link to the project:
Skiplab Innovation     CHOW     Software Developer     Employment
Nov 2017 - Jun 2021

  • I used Java for Android native app development.
  • I used SQLite to store certain data from the server locally.
  • Firebase Realtime Database (NoSQL) for the data storage, FCM for push notifications, Firebase Auth for user registration/log-in, remote config to update the app, and cloud storage for media storage.
  • I used Android Studio IDE as the Compiler.
  • I used XML to design the frontend with the support of some Java syntax.

Skills used: Android native app development, Java, Firebase, NoSQL, SQLite, Android Studio, XML

Link to the project:

Link to the github:


Covenant University    B.Eng  (Chemical Engineering)
Aug 2014 - May 2021


Android Development    Pluralsight
Jun 2018 - Jan 2019
Skills learnt: Android native app development

Client Reviews

Ayomide really went out of his way to help my company build a custom mobile application from scratch. We had a very complex application that used multiple APIs and integrations; all of which Ayomide found a way to make work together. I certainly recommend him as a welcome addition to any team looking for an engineer who is going to go out of his way to learn and deliver to the best of his abilities.
Some code samples where not of high quality.