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Ayushman B - MVC developer
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Ayushman B

I am a .NET ,.NETCORE (C#) developer with several years of experience. My expertise is in: ASP.NET , ASP.NET CORE MVC, Web API MSSQL, Angular

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Weekly Availability: 40 hours
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Hourly Rate:$31.25
Experience:10 yrs
MVC:10 yrs
Microsoft SQL Server:10 yrs
ASP.NET:8 yrs
.NET:7 yrs
C#:5+ yrs
.NET Core:5+ yrs
JavaScript:3+ yrs
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Mac, Windows

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Euroquip     Proline Industrial     Team Lead     Employment
Nov 2019 - Present

  • Entire web framework is built using core c# MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used as the database, used complex SP for reports and searches
  • jQuery, javascript library for client side controls

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, JavaScript, .NET Core, C#, jQuery, ASP.NET, MVC

Link to the project:
Cyber Secure Mobile Payments     CyberSecureMobilePayments     Developer     Contract
Jan 2022 - Jul 2022

  • Maintainence and enhancement of Backend Api for mobile app using .Net Core and EntityFramework
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used as Database, AWS and docker for hosting and notifications

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, AWS, .NET Core

Link to the project:
Dogma Group     Microsoft 365 Dynamics     Solution Architect     Employment
Oct 2017 - Oct 2019

  • Built a data migration project using Angular as frontend.
  • .NET, .NET Core, C# MVC as the server side for building the application.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used as the database.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, Angular, .NET Core, C#, MVC

Link to the project:
Percoid IT Solutions     BillboardPlanet     Technical Lead     Employment
Apr 2013 - Oct 2017

  • Developed and maintained the billboard planet application using classic asp, c# MVC.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used as the database.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, .NET, MVC

Link to the project:


Kathmandu Universersity School of Management    EMBA  (Project management)
Jan 2015 - Feb 2017
Patan Multiple Campus  (Chemistry)
Jan 2002 - Jul 2007

Client Reviews

Ayushman, a C# development resource who joined our dev team recently was able to deliver very quickly with very insignificant technical oversight. This is a testament to the vetting process that LD does.