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Benard A - Redux developer
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Benard A

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Mobile Application Development (React-Native, Kotlin/Java), Web Development (React) and API Development. (Go) Stacks: React, React Native, TypeScript, Golang, Node, Express, Kotlin, Databases(MongoDB, Firebase, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite), Building APIs (REST, Graphql, GRPC)

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Weekly Availability: 48 hours
Mon15 - 2307 - 15
Tues15 - 2307 - 15
Wed15 - 2307 - 15
Thurs15 - 2307 - 15
Fri15 - 2307 - 15
Sat15 - 2307 - 15

Hourly Rate:$20.00
Experience:5 yrs
Redux:4 yrs
Firebase:3+ yrs
React:3 yrs
React native:3 yrs
REST:3 yrs
Go:3 yrs
Kotlin:2+ yrs
Engineer's Devices:
Android Tablet

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12.0 hours
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Spotify     Bumu     Lead Engineer     Contract
May 2020 - Present
Arts and Entertainment

  • I have built messaging both chat and video, feed and status, tag and challenge features in react native.
  • Using Firebase and its services for real time storage and authentication.
  • Using Redux for state management.

Skills used: React native, Firebase, Redux

Pearl Safaris & Holidays     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Oct 2020 - Jan 2021

  • I build booking features using react.
  • I use Redux for state management.
  • I interact with AWS for storage and other AWS services we need.

Skills used: AWS, React, Redux

ISBAT UNIVERSITY     ISBAT     Software Engineer     Contract
Jul 2019 - Dec 2020

  • I built the front end using react and redux.
  • Using AWS for storage, hosting and a suite of other features AWS ships with.
  • I used Go to build REST APIs that were being consumed by the applications.
  • Using Redux for state management across the app.

Skills used: REST, Go, AWS, React, Redux

Swipy     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jan 2020 - May 2020

  • I built rating features, data analytics and ad features in Kotlin.
  • Using Android native app development principles while working.
  • Using Firebase for real time data storage and authentication.
  • Using SQLite but to be more specific room for local storage in order to support offline support.

Skills used: Android native app development, Firebase, Kotlin, SQLite

Andela     Health Checks, Wger & Converge     Software Engineer     Contract
Apr 2018 - Mar 2020

  • Taking on roles as an Android Developer basing on Android native app development.
  • Using Python knowledge to work on Django and Flask projects.
  • I built software solutions in React and React Native.
  • I used Kotlin to build Native Android Apps.
  • I used Express and Go when building microservices and REST apis

Skills used: REST, Go, React, Django, Kotlin

Premise Data     Software Engineer     Contract
Nov 2018 - Apr 2019

  • I built features that would help how Premise collects data using their app in Kotlin.
  • Integrating the legacy code in Java with the new features built with Kotlin.
  • Using my Android native app development skills to build features.
  • Using Sqlite for local storage

Skills used: Android native app development, Kotlin, SQLite, Java

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