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Brian O

Hi, I'm Otori Brian. I am an expert Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Specialist) using only White Hat SEO techniques. I am able to implement actionable strategies that will improve site visibility on top search engines like developing content to include keywords or phrases in order to increase traffic to website. The useful part of SEO is not only to reward me but to momentarily increase awareness of a product or a website in terms of top search results upon keyword research.

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Hourly Rate:$19.00
Experience:4 yrs
SEO:2+ yrs
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Learning Dollars Talent     SEO Opportunity     SEO Specialist     Contract
Jan 2021 - Present

  • Using SEO by providing blog comments on Quora, Reddit, YouTube and Medium.
  • Developing contents on common features used around the world by startups.

Skills used: SEO

Link to the project:
Learning Dollars     How to Create A Countdown Timer using CSS/JS     Developer     Passion Project
Jun 2020 - Jul 2020
Arts and Entertainment

  • I used HTML as a markup language that was used to design the content of the Countdown Timer
  • CSS in this case was used to style the button and the layout of the Countdown Timer
  • Javascript was used to increase the user Interactivity of the Countdown Button

Skills used: CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Kibabii University     Spares e-commerce website     Web Developer     Course Project
Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

  • I used to HTML to design the layout and content of the E commerce Website
  • WordPress was the Content Management system I used to develop my website. Moreover WooCommerce was used to introduce various payment methods
  • I used CSS to design the features of the E commerce Website
  • I used PHP to collect data , generate dynamic page content , sending and receiving of cookies
  • I used MySQL to write simple SQL queries and link the website to the database

Skills used: CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress, MySQL

Link to the github:
Kibabii University     Mombasa Sauces and Pickles     Web Developer     Course Project
Feb 2019 - Mar 2019
Food and Agriculture

  • I used PHP to collect data , generate dynamic page content , sending and receiving of cookies
  • I used HTML to design the structure of information on the webpage
  • I used CSS to describe the presentation of the web pages
  • WordPress was the Content Management system that housed the website

Skills used: PHP, CSS, Wordpress, HTML


Kibabii University    B.SC in IT  (Information Technology)
Sep 2016 - Sep 2020


WordPress    Kibabii University
Sep 2018 - Dec 2018
Skills learnt: Wordpress
Android Studio    Kibabii University
Jan 2018 - Apr 2018
Skills learnt: Android Studio
Machine Learning    Google / Explore ML DSC
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
Skills learnt: Machine learning
Command Line    Code Academy
Jun 2019 - Aug 2019
Skills learnt: UNIX

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Makes good efforts. Communication / writing skills can be improved.

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