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Dady E - Adobe XD developer
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Dady E

I am a UI/UX designer with practical experience creating web, mobile, and tablet user interfaces, and experiences. I have the creativity and artistic ability to conceptualize and design eye-catching visual UIs, as well as the UX training and know-how to bring my designs to life with an elegant, intuitive, and effective user experience. User experience design is not a career for me, it is my destiny and I enjoy every moment of bringing each project to life.

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Weekly Availability: 40 hours
Sun20 - 2212 - 14
Mon16 - 2308 - 15
Tues16 - 2308 - 15
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Thurs16 - 2308 - 15
Fri16 - 2308 - 15
Sat16 - 1908 - 11

Hourly Rate:$25.00
Experience:4+ yrs
Adobe XD:4+ yrs
UX Design:4+ yrs
UI Design:4+ yrs
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Android Tablet

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Tasttlig     Android & IOS UI-UX design     UI-UX Team lead     Contract
Dec 2020 - Jan 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Tasttlig connects everyone with various festivals to experience different cultures through food and entertainment.
  • I designed the login, signup, and password users flow for the mobile app. I designed 25 UI Design screens with Adobe XD and established a friendly User Experience flow with Adobe XD.
  • I worked with the developer to ensure the design is well-coded as it is with Adobe XD. I test all UX designs after being coded by developers.

Skills used: UX Design, UI Design, Adobe XD

Link to the project:
Noworri     Android & IOS UI     UI-UX Designer     Contract
Jul 2018 - Oct 2020

  • Noworri is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in one place to negotiate and close crypto transactions from any crypto wallet at their own rules and terms using their local payment.
  • I designed 27 UI Design screens using Adobe XD. I created a UX Design flow to improve user engagement with Adobe XD. I designed the landing page and the responsive on mobile screens with Adobe XD.
  • I worked with the Tech team to maintain design logic.

Skills used: UX Design, UI Design, Adobe XD

Link to the project:
GASP     Ecommerce/UI     UI Designer     Contract
Oct 2017 - Apr 2018

  • GASP is a fully built e-commerce platform allowing creators to sell, buy, and manage their business anywhere anytime.
  • I designed 30 UI Design screens for an e-commerce mobile app including (Login, Signup, Home, Checkout, Messages, Account, Settings, Notifications, Bag, Search bar, etc) with Adobe XD.
  • I tested the UX Design after it has been coded with Android. I have done User experience research and adapted UI based on users' needs with Adobe XD.

Skills used: UX Design, UI Design, Adobe XD

Link to the project:


UNIVERSITY OF ABOMEY CALAVI    License  (Business management)
Jul 2011 - Aug 2014