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Daniel M - ExpressJS developer
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Daniel M

I am Fullstack developer (React & Node), with experience of high quality and timely delivery of projects and milestones. I've worked remotely for various organizations and worked with different teams from all diversities.

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Hourly Rate:$19.00
Experience:3+ yrs
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Typescript:2+ yrs
React:2+ yrs
Firebase:2 yrs
Postgres:1 yrs
JavaScript:1 yrs
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Ndovu     Software Engineer     Employment
Jan 2021 - Jun 2021

  • I built a feature for a user to withdraw amounts that a certain user has invested. This comes together with portfolio calculations of a certain investment.
  • I created functionality to calculate units (shares) from a certain investment in a specific ETF (fund) and to allow the platform to automatically save transactions data to the blockchain.
  • The first version of the application was built using Javascript and expressJS but later switched to Nest.js and Typescript. The database was built using Postgres.

Skills used: Postgres, Typescript, Blockchain, ExpressJS, JavaScript, Nest.js

Etinx     Phidi     Full Stack Developer     Contract
May 2020 - Sep 2020

  • I built the entire project (MVP) from scratch. I designed the frontend from vaguely defined user requests and build the platform to help freelancing engineers in the United states to get jobs.
  • Created payment, bidding, automatic email dispatch using sendgrid and a wizard to post job details where the user can check out the job just before bidding. The employer can also see user details.
  • The entire application was built using JavaScript, postgres, React, Redux, ExpressJS and deployed on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Skills used: Postgres, Redux, AWS, ExpressJS, React, JavaScript, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Link to the project:
Andela     Travella/ Andela meals/ dev tracker     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Jun 2018 - Apr 2020

  • Built a feature that collected feedback statics about specific meals per admin’s particular date and location.This made the use of Mongo’s aggregation framework to fetch, filter and compute data.
  • Built a feature to enforce a maximum on the amount of meals a user can check in within a particular day apart from guest users.
  • Built a feature that recorded a user’s card details i.e the list of people to whom a card has ever been assigned and the durations that they did so.
  • Built a feature that facilitated check-in times to be derived from the user’s timezone.The user’s timezone was to be taken from the location generator which made use of the user’s IP address.
  • Built a feature to only allow check-in of the user to only a meal they’re authorised to take and only at the valid time. The skills used were: Jira api, Firebase, React ,ExpressJS, Typescript

Skills used: React, ExpressJS, Typescript, Firebase


Kabianga University    B.Sc Computer Science  (Computer Sciense)
Aug 2014 - Jun 2018