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Divyesh P

I have always been fond of translating product ideas into systems that can grow. I started my journey professionally with software product startups in 2017. As a full-stack engineer, I always had a keen observation to identify key aspects of product requirements. This helped in architect, programming, and managing web apps capable of serving users that can scale with low latency. I have worked and managed different teams to translate product requirements into engineering tasks.

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Postman Inc.     Search and Reporting     Software Engineer     Employment
May 2021 - Present

  • After directly communicating with enterprise customers and clients, I designed and architected to build the Reporting system with a custom stack that replaced the previous service provider, Looker.
  • Tech stack includes Nodejs, ExpressJS-based Sails.js server, MySQL, ElasticSearch DBs for dynamic data updates from Data Warehouse in RDBMS, AWS Lambdas for Data ingestion pipelines, React.js, MobX.
  • Also used AWS Elasticsearch, JavaScript, Typescript, and ExpressJS to build the backend application.

Skills used: ExpressJS, AWS Elasticsearch, React, JavaScript, MySQL, Typescript     Product Website     Software Engineer     Contract
May 2022 - Present

  • Worked directly with the founders and visiting doctors to design and build the hospital's medical data system. This helps doctors, patients, and insurers manage their data on the platform.
  • I have led the development of delivering features while managing teams to build GraphQL-based API with Ruby on rails and front-end with React and Typescript.
  • Features like Video communication, Google Analytics for business and SEO requirements, and designed database to support multiple entities for different user roles.
  • Build with React, Ruby on rails, MySQL, Webpack, Javascript, CSS, and Typescript.

Skills used: React, Ruby on rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Webpack, Typescript, CSS

Reach4Help - Helpful Engineering     Open Source Project     Software Engineer     Passion Project
Jun 2020 - Present

  • Primarily worked on adding language support features to Typescript.
  • Platformization of the existing dropdown system across the app.
  • Built with React, Firebase, Nodejs, JavaScript, and Typescript.

Skills used: Nodejs, React, JavaScript, Typescript, Firebase

FohBoh Inc.     Product Website     Software Engineer     Contract
Aug 2021 - Mar 2022
Food and Agriculture

  • Worked closely with the restaurant managers to translate their job posting requirements into a full-stack product. This was a hospitality management job portal.
  • Built the app with Python, Django, and Graphene for GraphQL API endpoints. Served with Apollo client on front-end with React and Typescript.
  • I led the project to maintain the component repo as a separate library to support the main app in a mono-repo architecture.
  • Build with React, AWS Lambda, Python, React native, Javascript, and Typescript.

Skills used: React native, React, Python, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Typescript

Airmeet Inc.     Product Website     Software Engineer     Employment
Nov 2019 - May 2021

  • Video-conferencing app with technologies Nodejs, ExpressJS server with PostgreSQL, MySQL-DB coupled with React.js, Redux, Google-Firebase, Agora’s SDK for WebRTC inclusion on the front-end side.
  • Wore different hats to translate product requirements to the engineering team and led the team to break down features into atomic tasks. Hence, helped engineers to develop and maintain the code base.
  • Implemented video conferencing table logic features like Instagram stories, video chat room, live Q&A, support for live-caption subtitles, etc.
  • In-house support tools for the team to analyze live errors, and help users facing network issues live. Built with Nodejs, Expressjs, Firebase, React, and JavaScript.
  • Actively communicated with customers and product managers, added SEO tools and Google Analytics to better the process of tracking.

Skills used: ExpressJS, Nodejs, React, JavaScript, MySQL, Firebase, WebRTC

Swoo - Algorythma     Product Website     Software Engineer     Employment
Oct 2018 - Jul 2019

  • Built product web app for Implemented with tech stack of Nodejs, ExpressJS, Next.js, and React.js to create server-side-render pages.
  • Integrated the services and web app with the other Microservices written in Python, GoLang, Java for users, payment, and gaming respectively.
  • Helped the organizations to reduce their spending by 100,000 USD for dashboard services.
  • Implemented the feature occupying premium landscape-like animation using React-Spring.
  • Build with React, Nextjs, Javascript, Typescript, Redux, Google Firebase, Nodejs, ExpressJS.

Skills used: Nodejs, React, JavaScript, NextJS, Redux, Typescript, Firebase

Klovechef Nutripot App     Product Website     Software Engineer     Contract
Aug 2018 - Sep 2018
Food and Agriculture

  • Connected remotely with team from Canadian startup to build React Native app for NutriPot which is a recipe listing application on both the platform Android and iOS.
  • Implemented Video player, and ChatBot integration with React Native concepts like StackNavigator, Tab Navigator, BottomTabNavigator swipeable, and Drawer Navigator.
  • Build with HTML, CSS, Google Firebase, React Native, and React.

Skills used: React native, React, HTML, CSS, Firebase


Dhirubhai Ambani Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar (India)    B.Tech  (Information and Communication Technology)
Jun 2013 - Jun 2017