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Enoobong I - Java developer
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Enoobong I

I am a Software Craftsman passionate about delivering business value via software solutions by placing emphasis on collaboration, user experience, scalable, testable software design, and code clarity. I seek a challenging career in a dynamic organization that will enable growth and opportunity to maximally contribute my ideas, skills, and experience towards the achievement of its core vision.

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Weekly Availability: 37 hours
Sun00 - 0716 - 23
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Fri00 - 0216 - 18

Hourly Rate:$62.50
Experience:5 yrs
Java:5 yrs
MySQL:4 yrs
Spring:4 yrs
JavaScript:3 yrs
MongoDB:3 yrs
Typescript:3 yrs
AWS:3 yrs
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Bundle Wallet Technology     Bundle App     Senior Backend Engineer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Present

  • Responsible for the architecture and development of our core backend services such as Wallets, Anti-fraud with Java, Spring, MySQL.
  • Led development of features such as Referrals, Fiat on-ramp, and off-ramp, KYC, identity verification with Java, Spring, TypeScript, JavaScript, and MongoDB.
  • Managed relationships and integration with various third-party service providers and partners, such as GetMati, Flutterwave, Smile Identity, Paystack.
  • Manage services deployed to AWS using EKS, RDS, S3 and Cloudwatch.
  • Coach and guide interns and junior developers.

Skills used: JavaScript, MongoDB, Java, MySQL, Typescript, AWS, Spring

Link to the project:
TeamApt     Moniepoint     Software Engineer     Employment
Apr 2019 - Jul 2020

  • Contributed to the development on our agency banking solution, processing over $250,000 dollars daily. Developed with Java, Spring boot, containerized with Docker and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Setup CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins, that tests, builds and deploys code to a Kubernetes Cluster when pushed and merged to respective Git branches.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and government on best practices for compliance, security and user experience.
  • Led development of our backoffice application to allow customer support agents quickly resolve issues with AngularJs, Java and MySQL.

Skills used: Docker, Git, Jenkins, Java, Kubernetes, Angular, MySQL

Link to the project:
Atlas Money     Atlas Agent and Client App     Software Engineer     Contract
May 2018 - Mar 2019

  • Developing, maintaining, and improving Client and Agent Android applications in Java and Kotlin using android native app development and SQLite DB, servicing users in Ghana and Senegal.
  • Led development of Java EE, Spring Boot libraries for our Payment API, focusing on pair programming and collaboration.
  • Coach and guide interns and junior developers.
  • Actively involved in design decisions of our P2P blockchain based lending initiative.

Skills used: Kotlin, Spring, SQLite, Java

Link to the project:
Crown Interactive     TAM & WFM     Software Developer     Employment
May 2018 - Mar 2019

  • Developed payment processing and token generation web services servicing over 500,000 customers in real-time, ensuring wallet security, high availability, and fault tolerance.
  • Made extensive use of Multithreaded Programming with Java in J2EE and Spring applications running on Wildfly on Linux servers in ensuring consistency and delivery of payment tokens to partners.
  • Developed Workforce Management Application, backend, and Android mobile app, using android native app development used by over 500 agents ensuring consistency, security, and high availability.

Skills used: Multithreaded Programming, Android native app development, Java, J2EE, Linux, Spring

Link to the project:


Covenant University    B.Sc  (Management Information System)
Aug 2011 - Jul 2015