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Eric O - Flutter developer
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Eric O

An innovative and self-motivated programmer that wants to satisfy, with proven skills in communication, analysis and adaptation. Teamed up with remarkable seniors in the Tech sector to forge exceptional responsive applications and maintain amazing projects, libraries and tools, after soloing in open-source projects, all in test-driven environments. I am looking to further master my skills in the roughest situations I can find, whether creating software or crafting outstanding UIs.

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Weekly Availability: 69 hours
Sun11 - 2103 - 13
Mon11 - 2103 - 13
Tues11 - 2103 - 13
Wed14 - 2406 - 16
Thurs11 - 2103 - 13
Fri11 - 2103 - 13
Sat12 - 2104 - 13

Hourly Rate:$25.00
Experience:3+ yrs
Flutter:2 yrs
Firebase:2 yrs
Dart:2 yrs
Git:1+ yrs
Solidity:1+ yrs
JIRA:1+ yrs
REST:1+ yrs
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Sybenari Entertainment     Cryptard     Software Developer     Contract
Jan 2022 - Present

  • Consumed REST APIs and decoupled them from the UI section using BLoC architecture
  • Created virtual cards using paint library to be used across pages
  • Worked with an Agile team with the help of JIRA software to collaborate and Git for version control
  • Followed the principles of Solidity when creating and modifying the codebase

Skills used: REST, Git, Solidity, Agile, JIRA

PipeDreamers Foundation     PipeDreamersFoundation     Mobile Developer     Contract
May 2022 - May 2022

  • Developed chat system between employers and job seekers using only firebase firestore
  • Incorporated Agora real-time audio and video chatting into the flutter app.
  • Refactoring the entire codebase, using clean code architecture and best practices which increased efficiency, decreased app size app size and shortened operation time costs
  • Fixed major bugs left by previous developers and led the MVP to the finish line.

Skills used: Flutter, Firebase

Link to the project:
Enri_code     Food Ordering app     Software Developer     Passion Project
Feb 2022 - Feb 2022
Food and Agriculture

  • Created Food cards slide animation with Dart and Flutter
  • Edited and modified food images using GIMP
  • Created page transition for the cards into their details

Skills used: GIMP, Flutter, Dart

Link to the github:
Hackathons     Flutter Slider Puzzle     Web Developer     Passion Project
Jan 2022 - Feb 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Created floating bubble class for the background of the tiles
  • Created custom 3-Dimensional tiles using ZFlutter package
  • Designed svg picture sets on GIMP for each tile's dimensions

Skills used: SVG, GIMP, Flutter

Link to the github:
Mivent     Software Developer     Contract
Mar 2021 - Sep 2021
Arts and Entertainment

  • Used Firebase for app links and user registration
  • Used GraphQL for fetching and uploading data such as events
  • Translated their Kotlin libraries to pure dart code

Skills used: Kotlin, GraphQL, Firebase

Berliac Engineering Group     Berliac     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2020 - Jun 2021

  • Developed a mobile app using Flutter and Dart to automate machinery synchronously using wifi to connect to the machines
  • Created logic to automate management and storage of products using Firebase which helped speed up sales and management of products
  • Optimized and refactored their codebase using SOLID principles and BLOC architecture which dramatically improved performance and efficiency of the team

Skills used: Firebase, Flutter, Dart

Link to the project:


University of Nigeria    B.Eng  (Electronic Engineering)
Dec 2019 - Sep 2024


Flutter for Junior Devs    FlutterCrashCourse
Jan 2021 - Feb 2021
Skills learnt: Flutter, Dart
Kotlin Bootcamp for programmers    Google Developers
Nov 2021 - Dec 2022
Skills learnt: Android Studio, Kotlin
Flutter Full Course    FreeCodeCamp
Aug 2019 - Aug 2019
Skills learnt: Flutter, Dart