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Harsh S

A Machine Learning engineer with experience in Deep Learning and Data Science. Application of analytical skills for problem solving keeps me passionately involved. I am interested in applying technology for real applications and always desire working in a fast paced, test-driven and collaborative engineering environment.

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Machine learning:6 yrs
Natural language processing:6 yrs
Deep learning:5 yrs
Computer vision:5 yrs
Data Science:4+ yrs
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American Express     Personalisation of offer campaigns     Data Scientist     Employment
Jul 2018 - Present

  • Machine Learning: Built Machine learning models for personalised offers on American Express Cards
  • Data Science: Perform Quantitative Analysis for designing offer construct

Skills used: Data Science, Machine learning     Data Science & NLP     Data Scientist     Internship
May 2017 - Present

  • Machine Learning: Built model for text documents classification using Neural Networks and NLP.
  • Natural Language processing: Developed algorithm for hierarchical clustering

Skills used: Machine learning, Natural language processing

TowardsDataScience | Medium     Blog writing     Contributing Writer     Contract
Mar 2019 - Present

  • Data Science: Authoring articles revolving around Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science in general
  • Machine Learning: Been read by more than 2.5k readers, articles attract 1k+ views monthly with best read ratio of 63%

Skills used: Data Science, Machine learning

Link to the project:
IIT Delhi     Dominant Speaker Recognition in videos     Student     Course Project
Feb 2018 - Present

  • Extracted and prepared frame-wise data of 6 speakers (1500 images per speaker) via youtube using Opencv
  • Computer vision: Used OpenCV's Classi er and a heuristic approach based on consecutive images' correlation to remove noise
  • Deep Learning: Implemented Grad-CAM and t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE) to visualize deep net

Skills used: Deep learning, Computer vision

Link to the github:
IIT Delhi     Hard Coding Core Work-horses of Deep Neural network     Student     Course Project
Jan 2018 - Present

  • Machine Learning: Hard coded a feed forward neural network from scratch without using machine learning libraries
  • Added Lasso, Ridge regularization, batch normalization and dropout to improve the working of DNN

Skills used: Machine learning

Link to the github:
IIT Delhi     Thesis: Stock prediction using Deep Learning     Student     Course Project
Jan 2017 - Apr 2018

  • Prepared our own novel nancial news data via scraping web pages for several stocks and indexes
  • Natural Language Processing: Experimented with several novel techniques to quantify text, namely, word2vec, tf-idf and sentiment scoring
  • Machine Learning: Combined stock and text data using t-distributed stochastic embedding (t-SNE), fed into LSTM architecture
  • Implemented CNN-LSTM taking several days' news as input to preserve both spatial and temporal component

Skills used: Natural language processing, Machine learning


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi)    B.Tech 
Jul 2014 - May 2018


Advanced Machine Learning    IIT Delhi
Jul 2017 - Nov 2017
Skills learnt: Deep learning, Machine learning
Deep Learning    IIT Delhi
Jan 2018 - Apr 2018
Skills learnt: Deep learning, Computer vision, Machine learning