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Isaac A

Energetic Software Engineer with experience in writing clean architecture-based code. I am enthusiastic and ready to learn from friends, superiors, and co-workers. I enjoy what I do and hope to take up more challenging issues. I am an A Team player and love to work together with other team members to achieve a common goal.

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Hourly Rate:$25.00
Experience:3+ yrs
Kotlin:3+ yrs
Git:2+ yrs
DevSecOps:2+ yrs
Jenkins:2+ yrs
Java:2+ yrs
Swift:1+ yrs
iOS native app development:1+ yrs
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Farmerline Group     Currency Converter     Mobile Engineer - Android     Employment
Oct 2021 - Oct 2022
Food and Agriculture

  • I built a currency convertor using Kotlin multiplatform written in Kotlin and Swift to help other devs easily learn and adopt the Multiplatform Mobile framework.
  • The application uses the MVVM architecture and has well-written unit tests for a robust app.
  • The project helps with both Android native app development and iOS native app development.

Skills used: Swift, iOS native app development, Android native app development, Kotlin

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Mesika Limited     Authenticator System     Android Engineer     Employment
Sep 2019 - Sep 2021

  • I built a native Android authenticator app using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. The project aims to make Two Factor Authentication safer by preventing SMS-based man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • The application works completely offline and is deployed using Jenkins for CI/CD. The project uses hashing algorithms such as HMAC-Secure Hash and the Time-based one-time password.
  • The project used Git for code versioning and was deployed using DevSecOps. As the project depended on the open-source Google Authenticator, lots of Java code was rewritten in Kotlin.

Skills used: Git, DevSecOps, Kotlin, Jenkins, Java

Link to the project:

Link to the github:


University of Mines and Technology    BSc  (Computer Science and Engineering)
Nov 2016 - Aug 2020