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Joshua M

I am a highly skilled Software Engineer with more than 3 years of professional software development experience with a focus on mobile and full-stack web development, strength in mentoring and training others in best practices. Committed to delivering high-level solutions that increase business and result in exceptional cost efficiencies.

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Hourly Rate:$19.00
Experience:4+ yrs
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Java:3 yrs
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Spring:3 yrs
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Docker:3 yrs
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MTN Uganda     MADAPI     Full Stack Developer     Contract
May 2020 - Present

  • The project uses Spring in the back-end
  • The projects follows a Microservices architecture
  • Some Apis we interact with require sending SOAP and they return SOAP/XML which we convert to Json
  • We use Docker for containerization
  • The back-end is built with Java in conjunction with spring boot

Skills used: Spring, Docker, Java, SOAP, Microservices

Akorion Company LTD     Ezyagric     Software Developer     Contract
Mar 2020 - Present
Food and Agriculture

  • I use Java to build all features of the application
  • android studio is the ide used in development
  • git is used for version control

Skills used: Git, Java, Android Studio

Link to the project:
Andela     My Flicks     Software Developer     Passion Project
Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
Arts and Entertainment

  • The android application was developed using kotlin
  • git is used for version control
  • android native app development using kotlin,dagger, mvvm and retrofit

Skills used: Kotlin, Android native app development, Git

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Andela Uganda     Converge     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Apr 2019 - Aug 2019

  • The project followed a microservices architecture
  • The back-end used nodejs and apollo graphql
  • The front end used react and Redux was used for state management
  • The mobile platform was developed using React native

Skills used: React, Apollo GraphQL, React native, Microservices, Nodejs

Andela Uganda     Author's haven     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Oct 2018 - Mar 2019
Media and Communication

  • The front end was built using react framework
  • The backend was developed using python, and Django framework
  • The database used was postgres and the language used was sql for writing queries
  • Redux was used for state management

Skills used: React, SQL, Redux, Django

Link to the github:


Makerere University    Bachelors  (Computer Science)
Aug 2013 - Jan 2018