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Kabiru A - Visual Basic developer
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Kabiru A

A dedicated software engineer skilled in Python and JavaScript with years of experience building and scaling solutions on production. Very committed to success thereby treating projects with the organization's vision in mind. Proactive to risk hence ensuring solutions architecture is fault proof on efficiency, scalability, and security. Easy to self-integrate among new team members and demonstrate quality leadership roles while working as a team lead.

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Hourly Rate:$15.00
Experience:9+ yrs
Visual Basic:9+ yrs
Wordpress:9+ yrs
Django:4+ yrs
React:4 yrs
Kubernetes:3 yrs
AWS:2+ yrs
Docker:2+ yrs
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Jigawa State Polytechnic     Inventory Management System     Software Developer     Employment
Oct 2013 - Present

  • Communicating with clients in collecting business requirements.
  • Planning and organizing system requirements with the team lead.
  • Building and maintaining inventory software with Visual Basic and WordPress.

Skills used: Wordpress, Visual Basic

Lincoln College of Science Management and Technology     Thesis Management System     Lecturer/Software Engineer     Employment
Jan 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Trained zero skilled students to developing database driven applications with python within a year. this helps strengthen their marketing.
  • Led the development of a thesis management system built, using Django and Vue.js
  • Led the development of Lincoln Foundation website, using Django and Vue.js

Skills used: Vue.js, Python, Django

Planta Agro Services Limited     Farm Management System     Software Engineer     Employment
Sep 2019 - Dec 2020
Food and Agriculture

  • Dockerised the backend running on Hasura GraphQL engine.
  • Work with team on the frontend with Nextjs, set up state management with Apollo GraphQL
  • Build cloud functions with nodejs
  • Deployed the system to scale using kubernetes on AWS

Skills used: Nodejs, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Apollo GraphQL, Docker, NextJS, AWS

Link to the project:
Mashellsoft Limited     Bluecounts Inventory Management Software     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2018 - Aug 2019

  • Generated project backlog for features of the project, user stories for sprints, and ERD Model
  • Built the backend with Django and AWS RDS for PostgreSQL-based multitenant architecture.
  • Built the frontend with React web framework.
  • Deployed the system as microservices in AWS Kubernetes Service.
  • Set up ElasticSearch for Monitoring.

Skills used: AWS RDS, React, Kubernetes, Django

Link to the project:
FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited     Retail Calibration System     Software Developer     Internship
Nov 2016 - Oct 2017

  • Generated project backlog for features of the project, user stories for sprints, and ERD Model.
  • Wrote unit tests based on user stories.
  • Built the project with Django and React, deployed on AWS EC2.

Skills used: React, AWS EC2, Django

Federal University Dutse     School Management System     Software Engineer     Contract
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

  • Reviewed and optimized algorithms that handle heavy operations in the system. Used React for the frontend and Django for the backend.
  • Used docker swarm in the operations part to distribute workloads across nodes (Linux servers) on AWS.

Skills used: React, AWS, Docker, Linux, Django


Federal University Dutse    B.Sc  (Computer Science)
Nov 2016 - Nov 2019