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Kartik A - Nodejs developer
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Kartik A

Hi, I am a full-stack software developer from India. I have worked on many projects to date. I love to write clean code and am very transparent to the client and always provide the client with quality work.

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Weekly Availability: 25 hours
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Hourly Rate:$24.00
Experience:6 yrs
Nodejs:2 yrs
ExpressJS:1+ yrs
MongoDB:1+ yrs
JavaScript:1 yrs
React:1 yrs
Webpack:1 yrs
GraphQL:1 yrs
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infojusttagit     Developer     Contract
Nov 2019 - Mar 2020

  • Developed home page using their framework Famous in JavaScript and implemented search using Elasticsearch
  • Learned their new framework quickly and implemented it.
  • Made connections to backend from Nodejs

Skills used: JavaScript, Nodejs

Ray     Developer     Contract
Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

  • I have worked on 2-3 projects with Abhishek (client). One of the projects was to create a chat room kind of projects for students to ask questions to professor during a lecture
  • Used React and ExpressJS (Nodejs) along with GraphQL with subscription for create the webapp.
  • Another Project was to create an greetings project in which I solved some bugs in front end (React) and some styling changes.
  • Used MongoDB as database for storing and fetching messages and user data
  • Used webpack to configure babel and scss modules.

Skills used: React, Webpack, MongoDB, ExpressJS, GraphQL

SAP Labs India     Software Engineer     Internship
Feb 2019 - Jul 2019

  • Project: Personnel Rostering Solution
  • Front end development using Vanilla JavaScript and SAP UI5 library.
  • ES lint fixes to reduce Cyclomatic Complexity

Skills used: JavaScript

SAP Labs India     Automate test evidence collection     Software Engineer     Passion Project
Apr 2019 - May 2019

  • Created a script using NodeJS for attaching screenshots in the standard SAP test script template.
  • Resize the image and attach the images while following the template rules. Thereby saving time and effort.

Skills used: Nodejs

Dhwani Rural Information Systems     Full Stack Developer     Internship
May 2018 - Jul 2018

  • Pradan’s Goatry Project: Given sole responsibility to manage the Back End of the project to integrate several modules using Nodejs
  • FREND’s Internet Saathi Project: Worked on generating various reports(CSVs) of Niti Aayog forms, consisting of many indicators using nodejs and ExpressJS
  • Improved Performance of existing CSVs download using Redis
  • MongoDB was used as Database for both the projects

Skills used: Nodejs, MongoDB, Redis, ExpressJS

Onsite Judge     Student     Passion Project
Aug 2017 - Feb 2018

  • Web Based Application for hosting offline Programming Contest in College.
  • Allows users to submit code and get rankings.
  • Tested for handling up-to 50 users in College labs.
  • For Frontend used Angular and for the backend used NodeJS with ExpressJS for APIs and MongoDB as database.

Skills used: Nodejs, MongoDB, Angular, ExpressJS

Link to the github:
Bank Management System     Student     Course Project
Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

  • BMS with options of Create new account, Modify account, Deposit and Withdraw amount, Balance Enquiry.
  • Allows the bank personnel to view all account holders list, close an account and to modify the account according to customer’s requirement.Implemented Using - C++

Skills used: C++

Link to the github:


Jaypee Institute of Information Technology noida    B. TECH  (Computer Science)
Apr 2015 - Apr 2019