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Kory C - Angular developer
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Kory C

I am a focused, community-minded and creative software developer. I love solving problems, big or small and I am focused on using my knowledge within the industry in order to make positive changes in the world. I love setting goals for myself, and also holding myself and others to high standards. Finally, I love working with imaginative, intelligent people in vibrant and inclusive social settings.

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Weekly Availability: 60 hours
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Thurs20 - 2412 - 16
Fri20 - 2412 - 16
Sat20 - 2412 - 16

Hourly Rate:$75.00
Experience:6 yrs
Angular:5+ yrs
Typescript:5+ yrs
React:4 yrs
JavaScript:4 yrs
Java:4 yrs
AWS:3+ yrs
DevOps:2+ yrs
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Deloitte     Employment     Software Engineer     Employment
May 2021 - Jan 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Work independently and part of a team to develop, maintain, and enhance complex and diverse software systems (e.g., processing-intensive analytics, novel algorithm development, manipulation of extrem
  • Reviewed and tested software components for adherence to the design requirements and documents test results.
  • Used .NET Javascript React Java and other technologies in this role.

Skills used: JavaScript, Java, React, .NET

Syntelic Solutions Corporation     Employment     Software Engineer     Employment
Apr 2019 - Apr 2021

  • Developed and marketed computer software products for the distribution industry.
  • Covered its user interface techniques, database structure and I/O methodology, and processed algorithms that drove business logic.
  • Technologies Used: Angular, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Silverlight & .NET Core, C#, Typescript, DevOps, Azure

Skills used: C#, DevOps, Angular, Typescript, Azure, .NET Core

Bytecubed     Employment     Software Engineer     Employment
Feb 2016 - Apr 2019

  • Implemented all aspects of application design – high-performance design, coding, caching mechanism, security, encryption, state management, error logging, debugging, scalability, code reviews, environ
  • Developed presentation layers using AngularJS, React, Javascript, D3, Bootstrap, Java, AWS, Typescript, Angular, CSS, and HTML while utilizing MVC architecture.
  • Worked as a team on a software development project utilizing Agile SCRUM development processes. (JIRA, Confluence,Gitlab).

Skills used: React, Typescript, Angular, JavaScript, AWS, Java


Florida A&M University    B.S.  (Quant. Analysis)
Sep 2009 - Apr 2016