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Krishna Y

Hi! I am Krishna, a software engineer who specializes in full stack development. I have done projects in API development, opinion mining, web scraping, data mining, and networking. I have taken courses in backend development and data science.

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Philips HealthCare Solutions     Automated Dispensing Machine     Developer     Employment
Aug 2019 - Present

  • This project was designed to automate the existing workflow of a machine. This is a physical machine in a hospital which is operated by the nurse to provide medications to the patient.
  • This machine has various functions which were coded down in java language as part of this project and a total 5 services were made out of this project. Each of the services had thier own functions.
  • The different functions involved loading/unloading of medicine patient pockets, handling of transactions being made, retrieving the list of patients in the hospital etc.
  • Docker was used to run all the services in cloud environment. MySQL was used for data storage purpose. WebSockets and Sockets were used for connecting to the web api's using HTTP and HTTPS calls.

Skills used: Docker, Java, Sockets, WebSockets, MySQL

Blossom     Developer     Contract
May 2019 - Aug 2019

  • This was a project which required scraping of large number of websites using python language and storing the data in MySQL and SQLite database.
  • For website scraping I used Python inbuilt libraries such as BeautifulSoup and Python Selenium. For data storage MySQL and SQLite was used.
  • Working in such a data oriented company was a learning experience for me.

Skills used: Python, Python Selenium, SQLite, Selenium, MySQL

Cerner HealthCare Solutions     Jira Automation     Developer     Internship
Dec 2018 - Mar 2019

  • This project was designed to speed up the review process for different Jira which are logged. Jira Id was appended to the jira api call and JSON parsing was done to the data fetched.
  • After all of the data was parsed using JSON a business logic would run over the parsed data and all the things would be presented to the user in a simplified way using a table.
  • This Project would help the project managers to keep an eye over all the jira projects which his team is working on.
  • Spring was used for coding the backend and a YAML configuration file was made from which config was read. For UI purpose Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS, JavaScript were used.
  • Postman was used for making api calls to different jira id's.

Skills used: Spring, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Postman


Vellore Institute Of Technology    B.Tech  (Information Technology)
May 2015 - May 2019


Introduction to DataScience in Python    University Of Michigan-Coursera
Apr 2018 - Jul 2018
Skills learnt: Data visualization, Data Analytics, Data mining
Object Oriented Design    University Of Alberta-Coursera
Aug 2017 - Dec 2017
Skills learnt: UI Design

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