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Larry K

I am a result-driven full-stack software engineer with skills in Python (Flask & Django) and JavaScript (React and Node). I am not only focused on building reliable systems but also focused on building systems that impact people’s lives and that of an organization positively.

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Weekly Availability: 45 hours
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Hourly Rate:$19.00
Experience:5 yrs
React:4+ yrs
Nodejs:3 yrs
JavaScript:3 yrs
Typescript:2 yrs
GraphQL:2 yrs
Python:1+ yrs
Redux:1 yrs
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Android Tablet

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Feb 2021 - Present

  • I used React JS to create the user interface of the the car insurance journey
  • I used GraphQL to write the mutations that queried the data
  • I used Typescript to type check my react components.
  • I used Nodejs to create a proxy server

Skills used: Typescript, Nodejs, React, GraphQL

PLUSPLUSMINUS     Macllelan Inventory     Software Engineer     Contract
Jul 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Built UI components using React.
  • Queried data from a headless CMS using Apollo GraphQL
  • Used JavaScript event listeners to create on click and other application logic
  • Used Typescript to type check React

Skills used: Typescript, JavaScript, React, Apollo GraphQL

Learning Dollars     Cake website     Software Developer     Passion Project
Oct 2020 - Oct 2020

  • I used Webflow, a no-code tool, to design and develop a landing page for an online bike selling store.
  • I used CSS to style separate sections of the Webflow components
  • I used HTML elements to develop different sections of the landing page developed using Webflow

Skills used: HTML, No-Code, CSS, Webflow

Link to the project:
Learning Dollars     How to test Asynchronous Redux actions using jest     Developer     Passion Project
Jul 2020 - Aug 2020

  • Using Javascript , React and Redux I created a sample Todo application. Then wrote unit tests using Jest and Enzyme.
  • Demonstrated the best way to structure Redux action creators to make them more testable.

Skills used: JavaScript, React, Redux

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
IgniteBinary     Vitea     Software Engineer     Employment
Mar 2020 - Jul 2020

  • I worked as a front-end software engineer to Create an online clinic system. Used React. JavaScript and Redux.
  • Worked as the scrum master organizing and leading daily stand-ups
  • Wrote unit and integration tests using jest and Enzyme

Skills used: JavaScript, React, Redux

Julla     Julla merchant portal     Software Engineer     Contract
Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

  • Created online stores for merchants
  • Created a dashboard for merchants using Javascript, React and Redux
  • Create report and analytics for both online and offline sells

Skills used: JavaScript, React, Redux

Link to the project:
Andela     Activo     Software Engineer     Employment
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Implemented a mass upload feature using Javascript, Nodejs, React and Redux
  • Created a feature that log repairs logs for assets
  • Wrote unit and end to end tests
  • Created skeleton loaders that improved user experience

Skills used: JavaScript, Nodejs, React

Andela     TwitterAnalytica     Software Engineer     Passion Project
May 2019 - Aug 2019

  • I used Python to created a sentimental analysis software that scraped data from twitter and conducted sentimental analysis on it
  • I used visualization tools such as matplotlib to visualize the analyzed data

Skills used: Python

Andela     Authors Haven     Software Engineer     Contract
Mar 2019 - Apr 2019

  • Authors Haven is a blog application project. In this project I worked as a full-stack software engineer. I created API's using Python (Django) and UI's using React and Redux and JavaScript
  • Wrote unit tests, integration tests and end to end tests using jest and enzyme.

Skills used: JavaScript, React, Python

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Andela     iReporter     Full Stack Developer     Internship
Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

  • I used Python to create the API
  • I consumed the created the UI using javascript

Skills used: JavaScript, Python

Link to the github:
Andela     RideMyWay     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Feb 2018 - May 2018

  • I created a car pooling application called RideMyMay. I used python to create the API.
  • I created Highly responsive UI's using javascript

Skills used: JavaScript, Python

Link to the github:


Jomo Kenyatta University    Computer Science  (Computer Science)
Feb 2014 - Oct 2018

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