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Mahaboob S - Unity Virtual Reality Design and Development developer
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Mahaboob S

I am a Full-stack Developer (MERN - MongoDB, ExpressJs, React, NodeJs) and an upcoming SDE Intern at Amazon. Previously, I interned as a backend developer at Webknot Technologies, where I worked with NestJs, TypeOrm, Firebase, and Typescript. Later, I interned as a frontend developer at Mabel, where I worked with React and NextJS. I am a fast learner and love to explore new technologies.

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Weekly Availability: 42 hours
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Hourly Rate:$20.00
Experience:1+ yrs
Unity Virtual Reality Design and Development:1 yrs
C#:1 yrs
React:1 yrs
Redux:1 yrs
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Mabel     Frontend Developer     Internship
Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

  • Worked on an e-commerce website for jewelry shopping which has over 10K+ users in the play store with the NextJS framework.
  • Developed reusable UI components from scratch using React, Tailwind CSS, and SCSS.
  • Developed UI components for the account section and its sub-tabs (Address, Wishlist, Orders, etc) and contributed to the cart page of the website.
  • Implemented state management using Redux for the account section and access management for all the restricted routes using the session.

Skills used: CSS, NextJS, React, Redux

Link to the project:
IIIT Sri City     3D Geometry with VR     Full Stack Developer     Course Project
Feb 2022 - Nov 2022

  • This project is based on Unity Virtual Reality Design and Development technology.
  • Developed a Virtual Reality application for school students to better visualization of 3D Geometrical figures.
  • Used Unity Asset Store for some 3D models; the remaining models were created using Probuilder.
  • Developed a scalable quiz game in a VR environment with C# scripting and an XR interaction toolkit.

Skills used: Unity Virtual Reality Design and Development, C#

Webknot Technolgies     PAWS     Backend Developer     Internship
May 2022 - Jul 2022

  • Managed the project using Jira and contributed to the development of the organization and program persona. Wrote clean and manageable code and documented the APIs.
  • Worked on Paws-Object-services which is a module in the whole application, where I developed APIs using Nest.js and Typescript.
  • Queried from the database using the TypeOrm framework for the APIs.
  • Developed the file upload APIs from scratch using Multer (middleware), Firebase (storage), and JavaScript.

Skills used: Nest.js, Typescript, Firebase, JavaScript

IIT Roorkee R&D     HydroMetlab     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Feb 2022 - Mar 2022

  • This project aims to help users by demonstrating rainfall trends across India.
  • Developed a full-fledged web application (HydroMetLab) based on the theoretical model outlined in the thesis using React.
  • Deployed website on CPanel, used Leaflet.js for displaying a modal with IDF curves over 5,000+ data points.
  • All the data points are stored in Firebase and served to the frontend.

Skills used: Firebase, React, cPanel

Link to the project:
IIIT Sri City     BlogSite     Full Stack Developer     Course Project
Nov 2021 - Feb 2022
Media and Communication

  • Designed and developed a complete website both frontend and backend from scratch.
  • Developed UI for complete profile section and post editor with React. Implemented state management for the complete website using the Redux and Redux tool kit.
  • Developed backend APIs for CRUD operations in posts and questions using Nodejs, Expressjs, and MongoDB.
  • Used Multer middleware to create post API for storing images in the post.

Skills used: ExpressJS, Nodejs, React, Redux, MongoDB

Link to the github:


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City    B. Tech  (Computer Science)
Aug 2019 - May 2023


Full Stack Web Development    Udemy
Apr 2022 - Jun 2022
Skills learnt: ExpressJS, CSS, SQL, Nodejs, React, HTML, MongoDB, JavaScript, jQuery

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