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Mahfuzur R - MySQL developer
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Mahfuzur R

I am Md Mahfuzur, a software engineer who specializes in Web and Mobile Application Development. I have done several projects in RESTful API, eCommerce, Appointment system. I have taken courses in Computer Science, Python, Django, ReactJS with Redux.

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Weekly Availability: 20 hours
Mon02 - 0618 - 22
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Fri02 - 0618 - 22

Hourly Rate:$19.00
Experience:8 yrs
MySQL:6 yrs
Django:4+ yrs
React:4+ yrs
AWS S3:4 yrs
AWS Lambda:4 yrs
Postgres:4 yrs
JavaScript:3+ yrs
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12.7 hours
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5 / 10


OaMetrix Ltd.     OA Metrix     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Apr 2019 - Present

  • Manage your OA deals and payments for books and journals on a single platform.
  • We are using Django for developing backend API and Postgres as a database system.
  • We are using AWS EC2 for hosting API and Frontend.
  • We have used AWS Lambda and AWS S3 also.
  • React has been used to develop interactive UI in our application.

Skills used: React, AWS S3, Django, Postgres, AWS Lambda

OCB Lab Ltd.     Worker Compass     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Mar 2018 - Sep 2020

  • This service is an application for building management and office workers working in high-rise office buildings in Japan.
  • We used Laravel and MySQL for backend API.
  • Nuxt.js for interactive UI development
  • Firebase FCM for sending push notification.

Skills used: Nuxt.js, MySQL, Firebase, Laravel

ciscovproject     Developer     Contract
Dec 2018 - Dec 2019

  • developed a mobile app for ordering goods from nearest shops (react native, google maps api)
  • developed an API using django to communicate with backend

Skills used: Google Maps API, React native, Django

RequirementsTool     Developer     Contract
Jan 2019 - Mar 2019
Arts and Entertainment

  • developed a scrapper using python to fetch course requirements and saved into JSON file
  • developed an API using django to read data from JSON file and save into database
  • some endpoints to send and receive data from frontend
  • frontend (html, bootstrap, javascript, react) to create, update, show requirements details for different courses

Skills used: Bootstrap, HTML, React, JavaScript, Python

lovenotes     Developer     Contract
Jan 2019 - Feb 2019
Arts and Entertainment

  • developed a website for displaying different notes (html, css)
  • the website was mobile friendly also

Skills used: CSS, HTML

IECL     SDG Tracker     Software Developer     Employment
Mar 2015 - Feb 2018

  • This is a Sustainable Development Goal Tracking System.
  • We used PHP as a server side language.
  • For relational database, we used MySQL.
  • We used JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax in frontend.
  • We also used D3 for data visualization.

Skills used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, D3, AJAX


Asian University of Bangladesh    B. Sc  (Computer Science & Engineering)
Sep 2011 - Aug 2015

Client Reviews

Decent work
so far happy with Mahfuz and definitely can see myself using again in the future. I am happy with the services

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