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Niraj V

CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, jenkins, git, AWS, Load-Balancing, Autoscaling, RDS, EFS, SES, Cloudformation, Firewall, Os-hardening, Dedicated-server

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Hourly Rate: $20.00
Experience: 13 yrs
Linux: 7+ yrs
Kubernetes: 6 yrs
Jenkins: 6 yrs
Docker: 6 yrs
Microservices: 6 yrs
AWS: 6 yrs
AWS EC2: 5+ yrs
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Bulbul investment LLC     Linux Administrator     Linux Administrator     Employment
Nov 2014 - Sep 2020

  • Aws EC2 server to deploy application,RDS service for database, Auto Scaling and Load Balancing and Auto Scaling for Application High availability, Os hardening CIS standard.
  • Docker service is used to build and create application images from scratch, push images to Docker Hub to store and reuse the images.
  • Kubernetes scratch installation on google cloud server with kubeadm. Kubernetes installation in AWS with EKS services,Codepipeline integrated with jenkins and deploy application in kubernetes.
  • Microservices of AWS like Storage and databases in that Amazon RDS used for database and S3 for storage, Networking- Load balancing, Logging and monitoring-Cloudwatch for collect and track metrics.
  • Jenkins is used for CI/CD. Code commit in git which triggers the webhook to jenkins to compile the code,jenkins job copy code files to development,create docker images and upload to docker hub.

Skills used: AWS, Docker, Microservices, Kubernetes, Jenkins

Mavenvista Technologies     Linux Admin     Linux Admin     Employment
Nov 2009 - Nov 2014

  • AWS RDS used for Mysql server,tuning server as per requirement,backup snapshot setup, database restored, query update, insert, delete as per developers demand.
  • Product lifecycle Management, company has its own product so from code commit to code upload on development, staging, production server whole cycle managed by me. Related infrastructure design
  • Linux Os like Redhat/Centos 6/7/8, Ubuntu: 14/16/18. Server Os installation and Application related dependency software installation, Apache Configuration, Maintenance,backup as per the policy defined
  • AWS EC2 instances for application deployment. Firewall setup to allow the specific traffic and restrict others. Instances OS hardening CIS standard, cloudwatch track the server metrics to monitoring.
  • Other Cloud setup like codero,rackspace in that dedicated servers setup,configuration our perl application, apache / mysql configuration,backup shell script for different locations, Nagios monitoring

Skills used: Linux, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, Product Lifecycle Management

MaFoi Consultancy     system admin     system admin     Employment
Nov 2007 - Nov 2009
Arts and Entertainment

  • Windows desktop installation and configuration
  • Linux desktop installation and configuration

Skills used: Windows, Linux


Gujarat university    Diploma EC  (Electroing and communication)
Jan 2001 - Jul 2003


RHCE    redhat
Apr 2007 - Jun 2007
Skills learnt: Linux
Apr 2013 - Jun 2013
Skills learnt: Security