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Paul L - Typescript developer
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Paul L

I pride myself on being a resourceful agile developer. I am creative and experienced in building single-page apps and mobile apps. I love test-driven development approach. TypeScript, SQL, GraphQL, and Serverless/Microservices are my passion! I’m always looking to be challenged. Driving me to think outside of the box and bringing out my creative abilities is what motivates me.

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Weekly Availability: 75 hours
Mon06 - 2122 - 13
Tues06 - 2122 - 13
Wed06 - 2122 - 13
Thurs06 - 2122 - 13
Fri06 - 2122 - 13

Hourly Rate:$62.50
Experience:9 yrs
Typescript:9 yrs
JavaScript:9 yrs
React:9 yrs
Angular:9 yrs
Vue.js:9 yrs
React native:9 yrs
NextJS:9 yrs
Engineer's Devices:
Android Tablet

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12.0 hours
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QRTize Inc.     QRTize     Senior TypeScript/Node.js Back-end Developer     Contract
Feb 2021 - Present

  • Built numerous serverless microservices in TDD using JEST, TypeScript, Node.js, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SQS, AWS SNS, AWS Elasticsearch, and AWS Pinpoint.
  • Built microservices, including notifications, restaurant, e-commerce, merchant, retail, search, and more using TypeScript/JavaScript, Nodejs, Serverless Architecture, and Microservices.
  • You can find me, Paul Li at

Skills used: Microservices, Nodejs, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Serverless Architecture, AWS DynamoDB, Typescript

Link to the project:
AFG Solutions     Plottown     Angular/MEAN stack/Full-stack JavaScript Developer     Contract
Jun 2018 - Present

  • Plottown is a web app that features daily posts about movies, series and games. Quotes, facts, memes, top lists and more plots.
  • Built UI for Post, News, Plot items(Movies, Series, Games) in Angular/TypeScript/JavaScript. Make the App SEO-friendly using Angular Universal. Implements Google Ads.
  • Built RESTful APIs for auth/profile, posts, news, movies, series, games modules using Nodejs, ExpressJS, Mongoose, MongoDB.
  • Built AWS Lambda functions for image resize/composition, sitemap generation, cron jobs, etc.

Skills used: Nodejs, ExpressJS, Angular, MongoDB, AWS Lambda, JavaScript, Typescript

YLD, Mawgif, Confetti     TypeScript/JavaScript Projects     Front End Developer     Contract
Apr 2014 - Present

  • Built SPA/PWS/SEO-friendly web apps using Typescript/JavaScript, React/NextJS, Redux, React native, Angular, Vue.js/Nuxt.js.
  • Built cross-platform mobile apps using React Native and Redux.

Skills used: NextJS, Vue.js, React native, Angular, JavaScript, React, Typescript

Links to the project:

Mawgif, Greenfence,     RESTful/GraphQL API Development     Back-end developer     Contract
May 2015 - Present

  • Built a wide variety of REST/GraphQL APIs using Typescript/Nodejs, Ruby/Ruby on rails, SQL/Postgres/MongoDB/AWS DynamoDB, and AWS services.
  • Built Microservices in Serverless Architecture using TDD/TypeScript/Node.js/Ruby, AWS Lambda, AWS SDKs.

Skills used: Microservices, Ruby, GraphQL, AWS Lambda, Serverless Architecture, REST, SQL

Links to the project:

Appsmith     Senior TypeScript/React Developer     Contract
Apr 2021 - May 2022

  • Worked as a contributor for the open source React/TypeScript project, “Appsmith”. See my contribution at:
  • Typical widgets I built from scratch are rating, button, iframe, menu button, icon button, checkbox group, switch group, radio group, audio recorder, camera, progress, map chart, select, etc.
  • I've built a wide variety of widgets using TypeScript/JavaScript, React, TDD(Jest, Cypress), Redux/Redux-Saga, React Hooks, Styled-components, Web Workers, and Docker.

Skills used: Docker, JavaScript, Redux, React, Typescript

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Virtual Creative Studios     Vizzi     Full Stack Vue.js/Laravel Developer     Contract
Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

  • Vizzi is a virtual events platform created by a team of event professionals.
  • Built 2 apps(Admin dashboard and client) as a SaaS using Vue.js/JavaScript, Laravel/PHP. Built 3 different layout systems. Built domain, sessions, wizard, booth, users, networking, chat modules.
  • Contributed to prototyping the front-end UI of the system in Vue.js/Vuex and building RESTful APIs in PHP/Laravel.

Skills used: PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Vue.js

Link to the project: