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Rogers M

A software engineer interested in obtaining a position where I can use my knowledge of and experience in Internet applications development to work hard for the continued success of my employer. I am capable of analysing complex problems, designing possible solutions, implementing the most efficient ones, and testing the resultant code for possible bugs.

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Weekly Availability: 47 hours
Sun 07 - 15 00 - 08
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Fri 11 - 15 04 - 08
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Hourly Rate: $25.00
Experience: 5+ yrs
Django: 5 yrs
JavaScript: 5 yrs
Machine learning: 4+ yrs
Electron: 4+ yrs
Python: 4+ yrs
REST: 4+ yrs
Tensorflow: 4+ yrs
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Pass corp.     Distributed Teams Productivity Engine     Front End Developer     Employment
Sep 2020 - Present

  • Developed a video conferencing feature using Vue.js, Vuex store, Javascript, HTML, UI Design, and CSS to enhance media streaming, this helped to connect employees and the "BPO seats" clients.
  • Created a Task Management tool using Typescript where clients keep track of the progress on different tasks assigned to employees.
  • Used Adobe XD to come up with the designs for the Task Management tool.

Skills used: CSS, Vue.js, HTML, JavaScript, Adobe XD, Typescript, UI Design

Link to the project:
AI Buddy     AIBuddy     Full Stack Developer     Contract
May 2018 - Jul 2022

  • Django let me made a reactive website complete with its database management without the hassle of micromanaging every other aspect a website.
  • REST (DRF) allow me to design versatile APIs for external communication with the website, from streaming webcam image, text, log user historical data, and more.
  • Using Electron, I can turn my web dev skills such as JavaScript, Fetch, and AJAX to develop a native app across different platforms. It increases my focus on the functionality rather than the OS.
  • Tensorflow library on Python gives me a lot of freedom in implementing my ideas for Machine Learning system. Here we're implementing Emotion and Posture recognition.
  • I used GIT as my version control

Skills used: Electron, Python, Django, REST, Tensorflow, JavaScript, Machine learning

Ensibuko     Finance Management tool for SACCOs     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2019 - May 2020

  • Implemented performance tuning techniques on stored procedures and back-end queries using PHP, Laravel, AWS, and Git which resulted in a 46% improvement in application performance.
  • Created a client web portal/application using React, React-Redux, Javascript, Bootstrap, and CSS to enable easy access of financial-related information by users.

Skills used: Bootstrap, React, PHP, Git, JavaScript, Laravel, AWS

Link to the project:
Joint Medical Store     Requisition Management System     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018

  • I used Laravel to build elegant API for the product which is consumed by the front-end.
  • I used React with redux-thunk, NodeJS, Bootstrap, HTML and JavaScript to build admin UI for 9 approval levels of the system.
  • I used jQuery to build and manipulate DOM elements.
  • I used Git as my version control for the product.
  • I used Figma to come up with the designs.

Skills used: Bootstrap, Nodejs, jQuery, JavaScript, Laravel

Sumni Events     Events Management App     Software Engineer     Contract
Nov 2017 - Feb 2018

  • Used react for an events management application
  • Used Angular for a library management application.
  • Used Angular for a library management application.
  • Nodejs, flask and Django for building backend servers

Skills used: Nodejs, React, Angular, Django

Medical Street International     Medical Street Online Shopping     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

  • I used jQuery and JavaScript to manipulate DOM elements on the UI for best user experience
  • I used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to build the E-commerce UI/UX
  • I used Laravel to build the E-commerce elegant API
  • Laravel was used for the backend development
  • I used GIT as my version control

Skills used: Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, HTML, JavaScript, Laravel

Link to the project:


Makerere University    Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering  (Software Engineering)
Aug 2014 - Jun 2018


Complete Web Development Course    Udemy
Sep 2019 - Jan 2020
Skills learnt: React, Python, Django, CSS preprocessors, JavaScript, AWS

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