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Rohit B - React developer
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Rohit B

Currently Mobile lead at Startup (YC21, Sequoia, Nexus Partners) | Ex VP of Product Kiranakart (YC21) | Ex Frontend Lead at Supertokens (YC 2020) | Google Code In Finalist | Active open source contributor

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Weekly Availability: 49 hours
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Hourly Rate: $62.50
Experience: 6+ yrs
React: 5 yrs
React native: 3+ yrs
Nodejs: 3 yrs
Typescript: 2+ yrs
Redux: 2 yrs
Objective C: 1+ yrs
Swift: 1+ yrs
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1.4 hours
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8 / 23


Dyte     Mobile Engineer     Employment
Apr 2021 - Present

  • Built and published the very first version of React Native (Redux, Typescript) SDK of our platform
  • Created native binding using RN library and published initial version of our SDK’s for Objective C-Swift, Java-kotlin, and flutte
  • Implemented webinar feature in our SDK’s
  • Implemented audio routing and screen sharing on top of react-native-webrtc
  • Worked as one of the two engineers responsible for managing the entire mobile side of the product (SDK’S)

Skills used: Typescript, Redux, Objective C, WebRTC, React native, Swift, React

Link to the project:
Kiranakart     Krianakart (YC21)     VP of Product     Contract
Feb 2021 - Present
Arts and Entertainment

  • Reduced number of un-necesary re-renders, redux-actions being called and bugs throughout react native app
  • Integrated AppFlyer and fixed issues with clevertap on native side
  • Created a wrapper around router-flux wrapper to sync it with React-navigation 5
  • Wrote native modules to optimise performance

Skills used: React native, Redux

Link to the project:
IRruza     Front End Developer     Contract
Jun 2020 - Dec 2020
Arts and Entertainment

  • Worked on dating App project for iRruza Client on React native (expo) and React
  • Lead migrating from Javascript to typescript and class to hooks (japanese startup) for our core platform (code automation platform)
  • Created git action to check typescript compilation, caching dependencies (to reduce test time) and auto pushing code into production
  • Built open-source repositories downloaded (used) by thousands of developers

Skills used: React native, Typescript, React

Ryze     Backend lead     Contract
Aug 2020 - Sep 2020

  • Responsible for doing backend system architecture (NodeJS) and reviewing all code being merged in master
  • Setup and managing infrastructure on AWS EC2

Skills used: Nodejs, AWS

Link to the project:
Supertokens (YC2020)     Supertokens     Frontend lead     Contract
Jan 2020 - May 2020

  • Re-Architected React frontend by creating internal Sass Framework and reduced the web pack bundle size to almost half (Responsible for managing entire frontend)
  • Doubled the test coverage for iOS sdk,
  • Created Nodejs process to use google spreadsheets as a headless CMS reducing marketing team dependency on engineering team for changing content, sitemap, metatags, robots.txt etc
  • Integrated segment using reverse proxy and wrote scripts to automate analytics event

Skills used: Nodejs, React, Sass

Link to the project:
Liquiron     Xman     Founding Software Engineer     Contract
Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

  • Built an internal workflow framework (core of our CMS) along with the founder using React, NodeJS (Serverless Architecture)
  • Responsible for managing the module which mapped marketing API’s of Facebook, Twitter, Google and linkedin reducing time required to create and publish campaign exponentially
  • Wrote SDK’s and built plugins to integrate our platform with Gatsby
  • Pulled and mapped images from various platforms and coupled the, with Google Vision Api to get image information (image plagiarism).
  • Architectured and wrote the main checkout flow for our SASS product

Skills used: Gatsby, React, Nodejs, Serverless Architecture

Link to the project:
vparkwildfire     Developer     Contract
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019

  • Worked with their developers in migrating their restful Api to GraphQL on backend (NodeJS) and created new MySQL database
  • Updated the APi’s call on the frontend to GraphQL mutations
  • Created Dashboard for Visualization using Victory Graphs and React Table
  • Built chrome extension to scrape and record data from linkedin which could be used by marketers to create their lead pipelines

Skills used: GraphQL, React, MySQL, Nodejs

Entre     React Native     Contract
Jun 2018 - Feb 2019

  • Built initial Prototype of their App on React Native based on the UI designs
  • Configured and integrated Flamelink, Firebase (includes Firebase Auth, Firebase database + flamelink)

Skills used: React native, Firebase

Spaceyfi     Founder     Passion Project
Aug 2016 - Jul 2017
Arts and Entertainment

  • Build entire Coworking space aggregator by myself using ReactJS on frontend and NodeJS (with MongoDB)
  • Integrated Paypal API for online payments
  • Created listers dashboard to approve, add bookings
  • Used advance concepts such as debouncing and throttling to optimise the platform

Skills used: Paypal API, Nodejs, MongoDB, React


SRM institute of technology    B.E  (Computer Science)
May 2014 - May 2020

Client Reviews

Needed to get a designer on board before working with a developer
Rohit is very responsive and he works very fast. It shows that he cares a lot for his work and always does his best.
LD Talent:    
pretty solid engineer
managed the project fairly well
Did some decent work and did not overpromise.