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Sean C

I am an experienced programmer and game developer, versed in multiple programming languages and able to pick up new ones quickly as needed. I also have experience with tech support and have a firm understanding of hardware and software as well as assisting users to adapt to new programs and environments.

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Weekly Availability: 70 hours
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Hourly Rate: $62.50
Experience: 23+ yrs
JavaScript: 7+ yrs
MariaDB: 7+ yrs
Kotlin: 7+ yrs
Xamarin: 7+ yrs
Linux: 7+ yrs
HTML: 6 yrs
C++: 6 yrs
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Android Tablet

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New Hampshire Ball Bearings     Industry 4.0     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Oct 2019 - May 2022

  • Developed a product configurator using Java EE and Javascript. Work is still ongoing with this project as there is a large amount of scope creep involved. Used both MySQL and IBM DB2 for IBM i.
  • Maintained and developed multiple VB, .Net, PHP, C#, Android, and HTA applications. Also learned RPG and AS400 Applications connected to Microsoft SQL Server and MySql as well as DB2.

Skills used: MySQL, PHP, Java, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, IBM DB2, JavaScript     Valshara Mud Client     Software Developer     Passion Project
May 2015 - May 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Created and published android mud client on google play. Recently I have begun rewriting the client in Kotlin as Xamarin Native lacks the support going forward that I would like.
  • Developed website using PHP, Javascript, HTML, and MariaDB. Currently rewriting to use a Java EE backend as well as provide APIs to access my android applications. I run a Linux server.

Skills used: Kotlin, Xamarin, Linux, MariaDB, JavaScript

Link to the project:
myself     Develop mobile games     Software Developer     Passion Project
Jan 2021 - May 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Learned to develop games with a game maker, continuing what I learned in my master's program.
  • Created art assets and code for the game. Still in progress so doesn't yet have a website entry but will be included in the Valshara gaming website when complete and will Connect to Java EE API.

Skills used: Java

Express Scripts     Tableau desktops     Reports Developer     Employment
Mar 2018 - Oct 2019

  • Developed and maintained Tableau dashboards and created the Microsoft SQL Server needed for them. Also wrote Powershell scripts using .Net to display dashboards on monitors.
  • Learned Tableau, prepared for certification.

Skills used: Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau

Valshara Mud     Developer     Passion Project
Jan 1999 - Jun 2004
Arts and Entertainment

  • Ran the ValsharaMud server, which was written in C. Modified it to use C++ classes and create a multiclass game. This was based on the Smaug Mud server.
  • Maintained website for the mud containing information and maps for the game using simple HTML.

Skills used: HTML, C++


Southern New Hampshire University    Masters  (Information Technology Game Development)
Mar 2014 - May 2018