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Sylvia M - Django developer
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Sylvia M

A full-stack software engineer with experience in React, Angular and Django. I am well versed in working in agile software development, building efficient and well-tested software applications and working in a distributed team.

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Weekly Availability: 68 hours
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Hourly Rate:$20.00
Experience:3 yrs
Django:2 yrs
JavaScript:1+ yrs
RxJS:1+ yrs
Angular:1+ yrs
Python:1+ yrs
Redux:1 yrs
Nodejs:1 yrs
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Learning Dollars     Developer     Contract
Jun 2021 - Jul 2021

    Skills used: UX Design, UI Design, JavaScript, CSS, Django

    Moringa School     Student Attendance Tracker     Software Developer     Employment
    Jan 2020 - Apr 2021

    • I designed restful APIs in Django Rest Framework for the student Tracker application.
    • Implement designs for the student tracker app with Angular/RxJS,Angular Material and styled with SASS
    • Project Management: Lead students to deliver projects for hiring partners.
    • Train and guide students on software development best practices mainly Python (Flask and Django) and Javascript (Angular).
    • Responsible for tracking students' progress and ensuring success in the classroom.

    Skills used: Python, Django, RxJS, Angular, JavaScript

    Andela     Travela     Software Engineer     Employment
    Dec 2018 - Sep 2019

    • I worked on Travela, a travel management tool for Andelans across all centers. I used NodeJS, Sequelize and ExpressJS to create Restful APIs that I later consumed with React-Redux (saga).
    • I successfully integrated the slack bot using the Slack API, to allow upload of receipts on the go that were neede by the finance team after the trip.
    • I worked on adding Hotel Estimates feature to the application, to be used to specify the amount of stipend to be provided for accommodation when travelling.
    • Onboarding and mentoring new team members on the project.
    • Took part in UI/UX discussions on the app, gave feedback and worked on bug fixes to improve on its accessibility by users.

    Skills used: Sequelize, Nodejs, Slack API, Redux, ExpressJS, React

    Andela     Author's Haven     Full Stack Developer     Employment
    Jan 2019 - Mar 2019

    • Used Django Rest Framework (Python) to build Restful API for a Medium clone.
    • Consumed the endpoints with React-Redux (thunk) and styled with CSS
    • Created UI mockups with Mockflow.

    Skills used: CSS, Redux, React, Django

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    Karatina University    B.Sc  (Applied Statistics with Computing)
    Aug 2013 - Jul 2017

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    Acceptable, but required some rounds of iteration.