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Titus K - JavaScript developer
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Titus K

I am a result-driven full-stack software engineer with skills in JavaScript (React and Node) and working knowledge in Python (Flask and Django). I have worked as a remote and hybrid developer at Andela and other companies. This has enabled me to gain tremendous experience working as a remote developer and using business tools that make remote work a success.

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Weekly Availability: 40 hours
Mon06 - 1422 - 06
Tues06 - 1422 - 06
Wed06 - 1422 - 06
Thurs06 - 1422 - 06
Fri05 - 1321 - 05

Hourly Rate:$31.25
Experience:4 yrs
JavaScript:4 yrs
Postgres:3 yrs
React:3 yrs
Nodejs:2 yrs
Python:1+ yrs
Django:1+ yrs
Docker:1+ yrs
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Android Tablet

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eMalezi LLP     MILES     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Feb 2022 - May 2022

  • A learning management system for the new curriculum offered in Kenya was developed.
  • The JavaScript app is developed with NodeJs on the backend, NextJS on the frontend, data stored on MySQL and deployed to AWS S3.

Skills used: Nodejs, NextJS, MySQL, AWS S3, JavaScript

eMalezi LLP     More Africa Series     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

  • Developed a website and storefront for MORE Africa series story books using JavaScript (NextJs).
  • The storefront is powered by Woocommerce and hosted on AWS S3.

Skills used: NextJS, AWS S3, Woocommerce, JavaScript

Link to the project:
Twende Mobility     Twift     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Mar 2021 - Oct 2021

  • Developed a logistics and parcel management system with JavaScript.
  • The project was hosted on Firebase to utilize startup-friendly resources for storing and managing user data.
  • Google Maps API was used to track packages and find the optimal delivery route.

Skills used: Firebase, Google Maps API, JavaScript

Link to the project:
Freelance     Private     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Oct 2019 - Feb 2021

  • Web development using JavaScript (React).
  • High data handling API development using Python (Django Rest Framework) and Postgres.

Skills used: Django, Python, Postgres, React, JavaScript

Andela Kenya     Internal Technology     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Jul 2018 - Oct 2019

  • Developed internal company systems with JavaScript (NodeJS and React) to manage employee travel data.
  • Deployed projects in Docker containers for easy scaling.
  • Organized and stored employee data in Postgres databases to be accessible through a JavaScript API.

Skills used: Docker, Nodejs, Postgres, React, JavaScript

OpenMRS     OpenMRS OCL Client     Front End Developer     Passion Project
Oct 2018 - Feb 2019

  • Developed the Open Concept Lab user interface with Javascript (React and Typescript).
  • Deployed the project in a Docker container.

Skills used: React, Docker, Typescript, JavaScript

Link to the project:

Link to the github:


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology    B.Sc Business Information Technology  (Information Technology)
May 2011 - Nov 2015