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Tovieye O

A software engineer with a focus on finding the most effective solutions to client problems

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ERL Telecoms     Parse to Kafka     Software Developer     Employment
May 2021 - May 2021

  • Parse data from a delimiter formatted file to Apache Kafka using the FilePulse Connector
  • Build a custom connector to stream the data into a Postgres table using declarative partitions
  • The custom connector was built in Clojure
  • Set up Linux systemd services to start the Apache Kafka and the Kafka connectors

Skills used: Apache Kafka, Postgres, Linux, Clojure

Ozimos Group     Yum Meals     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

  • A project to enable caterers list their meals daily and customers order the meal
  • Prisma, NexusJS as backend framework. Postgres for data persistence
  • NextJS as frontend framework for server side rendering and static site generation. NextJS is built
  • Apollo GraphQL Client on the frontend for data fetching, state management and caching
  • Project deployment configured for AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker

Skills used: Apollo GraphQL, NextJS, Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Prisma

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Ozimos Group     Book A Meal     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

  • A Single Page App to allow caterers to display, and customers to book meals
  • Used a Postgres database and Sequelize as the ORM
  • The backend is a REST API built with ExpressJS
  • The front end is built with React. Redux is used for state management. Project bundling was handled by a custom Webpack config
  • The project includes unit tests and end to end tests backed by Selenium

Skills used: Redux, ExpressJS, Webpack, React, Selenium

Link to the github:
Ozimos Group     Comments API     Software Developer     Passion Project
Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

  • I built a Clojure API to display comments.
  • The project uses Postgres to persist data, Reitit for routing and HugSQL for queries.

Skills used: Postgres, Clojure

Link to the github:
Bridge Connector LLC     Adapters     Software Developer     Contract
Jan 2019 - Jun 2019

  • A Laravel package to enable declarative configuration for transform data across different API in the healthcare industry.
  • Stored data and transformation details in Postgres.
  • JIRA for project management, project assets from AWS S3.
  • Supported transfer of data from Salesforce Lightning to other API.
  • Created project builds with Vagrant and Docker.

Skills used: Laravel, AWS S3, Docker, Salesforce Lightning, JIRA

Andela     Watchtower     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

  • This is an internal company project to track employee performance.
  • Built Dashboards for tracking employee performance with React and Redux.
  • Built the API server with Laravel, persist data with Postgres, caching with Redis.

Skills used: Redis, Laravel, Redux, React, Postgres

Andela     Reaction Commerce     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

  • Redesigned the frontend of an ecommerce application based on the Reaction Commerce tech stack
  • Updated the catalog of products in the MongoDB data store
  • Added plugins to the MeteorJS based framework

Skills used: MeteorJS, MongoDB, React


University of Sunderland    BSc  (Mechanical Engineering)
Sep 2006 - Jun 2010
University of Liverpool    MSc  (Mechanical Engineering)
Sep 2011 - Dec 2012