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Anup T

ML Engineer with Full Stack Development Experience. Skilled in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, API development, Django, HTML, Web Scraping and Automation, Selenium, Python, Pandas, scikit-learn

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Hourly Rate:$31.25
Experience:4 yrs
Python:4 yrs
Machine learning:4 yrs
Python Selenium:4 yrs
scikit-learn:4 yrs
Django:4 yrs
Pandas:4 yrs
Deep learning:4 yrs
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KPMG     Predicting errors in Invoice system     Senior Consultant     Employment
Jan 2022 - Mar 2022

  • Used Pycaret to automate the selection of best machine learning models
  • Used Python modules such as pandas to process, clean and store data into databases
  • Achieved a recall of 68% using the automated model selection techniques using Pycaret
  • Applied data science principles to create a business case from the invoice audit data
  • Used flask and azure VM services to deploy the model for real time predictions

Skills used: Flask, Python, Data Science, Machine learning

KPMG     Development of RO location strategy for IOCL     ML Engineer     Employment
Jun 2021 - Feb 2022

  • Used machine learning models such as XGBoost to predict 3 year sales forecast using historical and geospatial data for each of the 80k+ retail outlets (RO) in India
  • Developed and deployed data fetching APIs from client systems using Flask
  • Developed end to end ETL pipelines using Azure data factory to perform data engineering and Python to automate and schedule tasks
  • Used databricks and Azure ML to automate and schedule ML Pipelines. Used Visual studio for source code management
  • Deployed the model and created API to be consumed in Power BI dashboard for data visualization

Skills used: Data visualization, Data Engineering, Azure, Machine learning, Visual Studio, Flask, Python

Link to the project:
Power Exchange of India Ltd     RTM Decision Support System     Software Developer     Contract
Apr 2018 - Dec 2021

  • Developed a web application as a decision support system for clients using mentioned technologies
  • Used Python Selenium to scrape publicly available data and used js charting library for visualization
  • Used pandas for dataframe cleaning, manipulation and transformations
  • Used Machine learning techniques from scikit-learn module such as Random Forest regressor and deep learning techniques such as LSTMs to predict the daily demand for states
  • Used Django to build APIs for deployment

Skills used: scikit-learn, Pandas, Machine learning, Deep learning, Python Selenium, Django, Python

LD Talent     RTM IEX Price Forecasting using Bagging & Boosting Ensembles     Data Science Consultant     Passion Project
Nov 2020 - Feb 2021

  • Used Python to develop the Machine learning project
  • Used Python selenium to extract daily power exchange prices from IEX India website
  • Used Jupyter notebooks for development and experimentation of ML Models
  • Used timeseries techniques such as ARIMA and machine learning techniques such as RandomForest and XGBoost to predict day ahead power prices on Indian Energy Exchange

Skills used: Python Selenium, Jupyter, Python, Machine learning

Link to the github:
TruePartner     Developer     Contract
May 2019 - Sep 2019
Arts and Entertainment

  • Used Python Selenium and JavaScript DOM manipulation in conjunction with Beautiful soup to extract and automate data fetching from LinkedIn premium accounts.
  • LinkedIn automation using selenium webdriver python
  • Used Python for data processing and conversion to required formats
  • Used MySql to store data into database
  • Used flask to integrate with database for fetching the scraped results to user via JSON response payloads

Skills used: Python Selenium, Python, JavaScript, MySQL


Birla Institute of Technology & Science    Bachelors of Engineering with Honors  (Civil Engineering)
Aug 2011 - Jul 2015
International Institute of Information Technology    PGD in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence  (Machine Leaning & Artificial Intelligence)
Sep 2020 - Sep 2021


Data Science: Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python    Udemy
Feb 2021 - Mar 2022
Skills learnt: Pandas, Data Engineering, Machine learning, Deep learning, Data Science, Natural language processing, Python
Time Series Analysis in Python    Udemy
Jul 2020 - Jan 2021
Skills learnt: Data visualization, Data Science, Machine learning

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Did a good job on building some scrapers.