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Castro S

Solution-oriented and problem solver with experience building and maintaining software and software architecture. Highly skilled in communication, collaboration, and technical documentation.

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LD Talent     Marketing Automation     Software Engineer     Contract
Feb 2023 - Present

  • Used Python Selenium to maintain and improve existing tests scripts
  • Developed new test scripts using Python Selenium

Skills used: Python Selenium, Python, Selenium

Erlomaton General Supplies     React Website     Front End Developer     Contract
Aug 2022 - Oct 2022

  • Wrote well-designed and efficient code by using React, HTML, and Tailwind CSS
  • Wrote application interface code using JavaScript following React.js workflows.

Skills used: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
MyAdmin     Admin Dashboard     Front End Developer     Passion Project
Aug 2022 - Sep 2022

  • Used React to build an admin dashboard app.
  • Used Tailwind CSS to define the styles for the dashboard app.

Skills used: CSS, React

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Dry Joke App     Random Dry Joke     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Apr 2022 - May 2022
Arts and Entertainment

  • Built a high-performing web app where one could generate a random joke with the click of a button.
  • Developed RESTful API using Python Django.
  • Fetched the API JSON data and integrated it with a React frontend.
  • Implemented a Share to Twitter feature where one could share a random dry joke directly to Twitter.

Skills used: REST, React, Django

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
LinkedIn Learning     Wisdom Pets     Software Engineer     Course Project
Aug 2021 - Aug 2021
Food and Agriculture

  • I used Django to develop a data-driven architecture for this project.
  • I used HTML in Django templates to design the layout and content of the web app.
  • I used CSS to style the HTML code in the Django templates.
  • I used Python to help load CSV data into the SQLite database.
  • I used JavaScript to add special effects to the web pages and to enhance the usability of my Django templates.

Skills used: HTML, Python, SQLite, Django, JavaScript, CSS

Link to the github:


Kibabii University    B.Sc  (Information Technology)
Sep 2016 - Mar 2021


Become a Django Developer    LinkedIn Learning
Aug 2021 - Oct 2021
Skills learnt: Bootstrap, Postgres, AWS, SQLite, Azure, Web Hosting, Django, REST, Heroku
Become a Web Developer    LinkedIn Learning
Oct 2021 - Oct 2021
Skills learnt: Wordpress, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS
Python for Everybody    Coursera
May 2020 - May 2020
Skills learnt: Bootstrap, Twitter APIs, SQLite, Python, Web scrapers, MySQL, SQL

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So far quite detailed and seems to be solving the issues he is finding.