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Collins M

Proactive Full Stack Developer, with great experience working in Technology. Aiming to leverage a proven knowledge of software development, systems analysis, and design, and web platform development skills to successfully build and contribute to the Software Engineering eco-system around me. Frequently praised as adaptable by my peers, I can be relied upon to help your company achieve its goals.

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Weekly Availability: 70 hours
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Mon08 - 1800 - 10
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Sat10 - 2002 - 12

Hourly Rate:$25.00
Experience:5+ yrs
React:4+ yrs
JavaScript:4+ yrs
Nodejs:4 yrs
ExpressJS:4 yrs
Git:4 yrs
Storybook:4 yrs
Zeplin:4 yrs
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Infinity Comics     Vermaak     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Oct 2019 - Present
Arts and Entertainment

  • Building an online Video on Demand service focused on providing African Content in the entertainment industry to an African audience starting its services in Uganda
  • Thinking about the architecture and development processes for the project to allow smooth scaling and ensure we secure Video Streaming with encrypted content while still maintaining amazing quality.
  • Create the Frontend application with React, MobX for state management, JWPlayer for Video, and other technologies like Styled Components for styling to allow us create more modular components.
  • Setup the Backend server and CMS system for consumption by the frontend and also to enable the product owner have more control over the content, publishers and various categorisations required.
  • Use technologies like Nodejs, ExpressJS and a GraphQL along with Keystone to build the server and Content Management System.

Skills used: Nodejs, Video Streaming, GraphQL, React, ExpressJS

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Medable Inc     Study Manager     Web Developer     Contract
Jul 2019 - Present

  • Development foran already existing data management system for Clinical Trial Study Managers to have a way of tracking and analyzing the data that is collected from the various sites and subjects.
  • This involves giving them the ability to query, review, generate reports, define access levels and other features for the participants and stakeholders in a clinical trial study.
  • The technologies used are React, MobX for state management, GitLab for continuous integration and delivery, Storybook for component building and visual interaction and Javascript primarily.
  • Development is done using Agile Methodology with sprints and stories describing what is required, and this is done using JIRA and Confluence along with Zeplin for mockups and design specifications.

Skills used: Git, Storybook, JavaScript, Zeplin, React

Link to the project:
Waape, Inc     Waape     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Mar 2020 - Present

  • Project managed using JIRA and contributed to the development of an MVP Bubble website for Waape.
  • Used Javascript to create integrations with services like Flutterwave and handle payments verification.
  • With the Slack API, we were able to setup triggers using Webhooks to notify our slack workspace of specific events.
  • Using Sendgrid API and Twilio API, we were able to setup an email and sms notification system for new postings on the marketplaces, along with other activities.

Skills used: Bubble, Marketplaces, JavaScript, Sendgrid API, Slack API, JIRA, Twilio API

Link to the project:
Term Payments     TermPayments     Developer     Contract
Jan 2022 - Aug 2022

    Skills used: Chatbots, Twilio API, Stripe API

    anamiva     Developer     Contract
    May 2020 - Apr 2021

    • Create a customised Shopify Store experience using Liquid Syntax to customise the theme on the store and match it up to the designs given by styling using HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery techniques.
    • Enable the store owner to populate data to the store by providing configurable modules for managing sections within the store.

    Skills used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shopify, jQuery

    Link to the project:
    Mulu     Developer     Contract
    Jun 2020 - Sep 2020
    Arts and Entertainment

    • Created a starter project that enables users chat via Socket.IO and share a video watching experience together via the application while simultaneously experiencing the Youtube video playback.
    • Used React for the Frontend and NodeJS with ExpressJS to handle the backend server along with WebSockets to support the realtime communications for the starter app.

    Skills used: Nodejs, Socket.IO, WebSockets, React, ExpressJS

    Link to the project:

    Link to the github:
    Blossom     Developer     Contract
    Dec 2019 - May 2020

    • Set up a Test-Driven Development process for the Front End which uses Jest and Enzyme which has since reduced bugs and refactors due to broken functionality and improved general code quality.
    • Building an email sharing system that works solely based on React Components to replicate pages and their components to send them as email reports to desired recipients, hence improving team sharing
    • Added a feature that enables users to watchlist companies of interest and categorizes them based on custom categories set by the user. This, in turn, has made following up with companies easy.
    • added an integration feature for Salesforce that allows users to add companies to their Salesforce leads for follow up and monitoring through their Salesforce accounts which gives them an advantage
    • On the Frontend, while using technologies like Python, Flask, Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS, Google Analytics, XState for state management, Firebase for user management and authentication and others

    Skills used: Typescript, Flask, Python, Google Analytics, React

    Link to the project:
    Medable Inc     Patient App Web     Web Developer     Contract
    Jul 2019 - Oct 2019

    • This is involved creating a web version of an already existing Clinical Trial Patient Application that is used to track and monitor clinical trial participants through Telemedicine.
    • During my time on the project I managed to create re-usable step components that could be used to collect information from the participants like emails, multiple choices, normal text
    • I also setup the pin and email verification system for the application to verify that only allowed participants get access.
    • The technologies used included React, MobX for state management, GitLab for continuous integration and delivery, Storybook for component building and visual interaction and Javascript primarily.
    • Development was done using Agile Methodology with sprints and stories describing what is required, and this is done using JIRA and Confluence along with Zeplin for mockups and design specifications.

    Skills used: Git, Storybook, JavaScript, Zeplin, React

    Andela     Andela Football League     Software Engineer     Passion Project
    Jun 2019 - Jul 2019

    • This is an application which is meant to be the source of truth for all information related to the league with activities like standings, transfers, player statistics and rankings.
    • The Frontend was built using Javascript, React, MobX, and hosted with Zeit(Vercel). It is meant to be accessed by the public, coaches, players and managers of the different teams in the league.
    • The Backend was built using Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Postgres for the Database and Docker containers for packaging it.
    • Adobe XD is what I used to create the mockup designs for both the Web and Mobile versions of the application

    Skills used: Flask, Adobe XD, Postgres, Docker, React

    Link to the github:
    Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

    • Building a tool that would help consolidate efforts towards combating illegal migration and human trafficking in Edo State Nigeria. This involved having a central coordination matrix for all efforts
    • The website was build for public facing and sharing information regarding specifics of the programme. This was build using HTML, VanillaJS, jQuery, CSS and Sockets for real time updates for events.
    • The Content Management System, and Coordination Matrix which were both front and backend were built to manage the information shared via the website and with stakeholders more seamlessly .
    • Technologies used for the Frontend included Javascript, React, Redux, Redux-saga for state management, Parcel for bundling and Sketch for the designs and Mockups
    • The Backends were built using Nodejs, ExpressJS, Keystone for the CMS, MongoDB for the Database and SocketIO for WebSockets.

    Skills used: Nodejs, MongoDB, Redux, React, ExpressJS

    Link to the github:
    Andela     Authors Haven     Full Stack Developer     Contract
    Nov 2018 - Jan 2019
    Media and Communication

    • A Social platform for like-minded authors to foster inspiration and innovation by leveraging the modern web to enable authors share original content, target articles to an audience that finds them.
    • Building the Frontend of the application using Javascript, React and Redux for State Management of the application to enable persistence of data for the users and give them a more enriching experience
    • The backend or server side of the application was put together using Python, Django and connected to a Postgres database to built a REST API for consumption on the frontend with user data.

    Skills used: Django, JavaScript, REST, Redux, React

    Link to the github:
    Andela     StackOverflow Lite     Full Stack Developer     Internship
    Aug 2018 - Nov 2018
    Media and Communication

    • This was a application meant to be a clone of the current Stackoverflow functionality and purpose and was done to practice and test my development skills.
    • The first iteration of it was built with only Javascript (VanillaJS), HTML and CSS to create a website version of it that used fetch to interact with the api and stylesheets for styling.
    • It's backend server however was built with Python, Flask and connected to a Postgres database for Frontend consumption while using pure SQL queries for database operations.
    • A later iteration which was meant to be an improvement to it was then built using React but still maintaining the server technologies but designing it into a REST api.

    Skills used: Flask, JavaScript, Python, SQL, React

    Stardz     Stardz E-shop & Fone Me     Developer     Contract
    Dec 2017 - Oct 2018

    • I was charged with building and maintaining Shopify store for Stardz E-Shop and Fone Me which were both stores for selling electronic consumer products like phones, games, movies, music
    • The online stores were build and maintained using Shopify with some minor HTML and CSS tweaks where necessary.
    • I also used Adobe Creative Cloud to create most of the graphics that were used on the stores and also via the social media sites for the stores.

    Skills used: Shopify, HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Cloud

    BetLion     BetLion Bot     IT Support Specialist     Employment
    Dec 2017 - Oct 2018

    • Cross-referencing with the FSB Platform, Mobile Telecommunication Aggregator Records and Transactions Platform to arrive at a cause and solution to many of the problems.
    • Built a bot that would act as a portal to many of the activities the website offered and also provide 24/7 Customer service Support.
    • The Chatbot was built for Messenger using Chatfuel Chatbots integration and communicating with the Facebook API along with DailogFlow by Google.
    • Handled daily technical issues that were raised by the customers through the Customer Service Centre which included; Failed deposits, Failed transactions, Deducted funds not reflecting
    • Records of all the above was also done using Microsoft Excel to create reports for sharing with management.

    Skills used: Chatfuel, Microsoft Excel, Facebook API, Chatbots

    Link to the project:


    Cavendish University Uganda    B.Sc  (Computer Science)
    Aug 2018 - Apr 2022

    Client Reviews

    Collins has immersed himself in the vision of what I want to bring to market. He's improved the process because of his knowledge.
    I really enjoy working with Collins. He works fast and is a talented engineer. If he comes across problems, he seems to troubleshoot it very fast. I provided him with figma designs, and he has been building out our store on Shopify. It is pixel perfect exactly the same as our designs and has made it configurable for us to go in and change anything we want.
    collins is great!