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Eli D

I am a product design graduate from Stanford’s MS program with a track record of using human-centered design to develop new solutions at Bosch. I have led cross-functional teams to design a new durable measuring tool product line and have collaborated with global development teams to investigate opportunities in AR and 3D scanning. My research and early prototypes influenced the organization to invest in multi-year development projects.

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Hourly Rate:$100.00
Experience:6 yrs
Product Management:6 yrs
UX Research:6 yrs
3D modeling:4 yrs
UX Design:2+ yrs
Agile:2+ yrs
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Bosch Tool Corporation     Digital Documentation     Freelance Product Design Consultant     Contract
Sep 2020 - Jan 2022
Consumer Goods

  • Led user research for a new construction site documentation tool (UX Research)
  • Hosted workshops to synthesize user insights into design requirements (UX Research)
  • Designed 3D concepts and built prototypes to investigate new tool form factors (3D Modeling)
  • Researched existing digital solutions and prioritized key features for app release (Product Management)

Skills used: Product Management, 3D modeling, UX Research

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Bosch Tool Corporation     New Measuring and Documentation Tools     Sr. UX Specialist, UX Specialist     Employment
Jul 2018 - Aug 2020
Consumer Goods

  • Launched feature improvements as product manager of MeasureOn, an app with 40k+ monthly active users (Product Management)
  • Analyzed customer feedback, and ran quantitative research to prioritize features for the next-gen MeasureOn app. Identified roadmap and feature set to grow adoption (Product Management)
  • Aligned marketing, sales, finance, and software engineering to create a pricing model and go-to-market strategy for a new cloud-based construction documentation platform (Product Management)
  • Developed business case, and defined customer requirements for a room scanning tool using evidence from customer experiments to secure investment for a fully staffed multi-year project (UX Research)
  • Created and gained adoption for a new in-house design process that integrated designers into strategic discussions and facilitated feedback from marketing on early designs (UX Design, 3D modeling)

Skills used: Product Management, 3D modeling, UX Design, UX Research

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Robert Bosch LLC     Leadership Development Program     New Product Engineer     Employment
Jun 2016 - Jul 2018
Consumer Goods

  • Synthesized results from 30 interviews probing the user experience inside autonomous vehicles and presented 6 opportunities to internal clients (UX Research)
  • Designed and tested a design thinking toolkit (“everything you need to run a prototyping workshop”) to enable more effective workshop moderation and create a new revenue source (UX Research)
  • Applied agile tools as a scrum master to prioritize and coordinate a team building a corporate innovation space (Agile)
  • Conceived, prototyped, and pitched 14 new product concepts – forming a new sales channel strategy (Product Management)

Skills used: Agile, Product Management, UX Research


Stanford University    MS  (Product Design)
Aug 2020 - Jun 2022
University of Michigan    BSE  (Mechanical Engineering)
Aug 2011 - May 2016