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George A

I am George Arhinful (a builder of awesome software), a Full Stack Developer who has mastered and specializes in the craft of software development, and has a great practical understanding of programming software. I am a supporter of open-source software and have a passion for programming, and an overwhelming zeal when it comes to learning. I am an advocate of using technology to improve the world.

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Hourly Rate: $15.00
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Ropat System     Icubicle Chat     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Sep 2021 - Nov 2021
Media and Communication

  • React and bootstrap were used to create and style up the front-end of the web app to give a wonderful user experience.
  • Flask was used to create the API of the chat-app.
  • Redux to create and manage state of the store.
  • ExpressJS and for receiving and sending socket messages to the software user.
  • Redis was used to store temporal data that needs fast retrieval and MySQL as the database for saving data.

Skills used: React, Redis, MySQL, Socket.IO, ExpressJS, Redux, Flask

Link to the project:
Ropat System     Icubicle System     Front End Developer     Contract
Jun 2020 - Jul 2021
Media and Communication

  • Vue.js, Vue CLI, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery were used to create, style, and manipulate the DOM to give a wonderful user experience
  • Vuex was used to create and manage state of the store.

Skills used: Vue.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery

Link to the project:
Codevge     Nstacom     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Oct 2020 - Jan 2021
Media and Communication

  • The project was built using the PHP Codeigniter framework to create the View, Model, and Controllers of the web-app.
  • Bootstrap was used to style up the web app to make it look good and give a wonderful user experience.

Skills used: Bootstrap, PHP

Link to the project:
Codevge     React Mario Game     Front End Developer     Passion Project
Dec 2018 - Dec 2018
Arts and Entertainment

  • This game takes record of the number of moves a player makes to eat up all mushrooms distributed over the Mario world. Coding this game increased my understanding of how React JS and Redux work.
  • Redux was used to create the store and also to manipulate the state of the project.
  • JavaScript and Bootstrap were used to style up the web app and Manipulate the DOM to make it look good and give a wonderful user experience.

Skills used: JavaScript, Bootstrap, React, Redux

Link to the github:


Full Stack JavaScript Web Development    VSchool
Aug 2017 - Dec 2017
Skills learnt: JavaScript, Nodejs, React, MongoDB, jQuery, ExpressJS