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Hadjer B

I am a software engineer from Algiers, Algeria from the Higher National School of Computer Science of Algiers, the first school nationwide. Currently, I am finishing a master's degree in Data Science & AI at the INP Grenoble ENSIMAG, one of the best computer science schools in France. I am mainly interested in machine and deep learning, natural language processing, and data visualization.

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Hourly Rate:$15.00
Experience:4 yrs
Python:1+ yrs
Pandas:1+ yrs
Matplotlib:1+ yrs
Deep learning:1 yrs
Numpy:1 yrs
Data Engineering:1 yrs
Tensorflow:1 yrs
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AIMx: Algerian AI mission     Automated Road Defect Detection on Edge     Software Engineer     Passion Project
Nov 2020 - Jun 2021

  • I was selected with my team to work on our project Automated Road Defect Detection using AI on the edge technologies in the AImX competition among 20 other teams.
  • About the competition:
  • This project is a deep learning and computer vision on Edge project
  • We used a YOLO model with python using numpy and pandas to help with the implementation
  • We worked on jupyter and collab before the deployment

Skills used: Pandas, Numpy, Deep learning, Computer vision, Jupyter, Python

Link to the project:     Testing online AI courses     QA Engineer     Passion Project
Jul 2020 - Apr 2021

  • DeepLearning.AI is an e-learning company founded by Andrew NG that deliver AI related courses
  • My role was testing (qTest)'s courses and assignement before their release
  • I participated in testing the Machine learning for production specialization
  • The course is about deep learning and data engineering
  • The assignment require a knowledge about python, numpy, pandas, matplotlib and tensorflow

Skills used: Numpy, Deep learning, Data Engineering, Tensorflow, Python, qTest, Matplotlib

Link to the project:
LIRIS Laboratory, Lyon, France     Side-effects prediction after ImmunoTherapy for cancer treatment     Developer     Internship
Feb 2020 - Sep 2020

  • This sub-project is part of the WP6 Monitoring the health status of patients & providing actionable in in the European Qualitop project
  • I am using machine learning, clustering and cluster analysis and data visualization
  • I implement different cluster algorithms in python using pandas and numpy libraries
  • For the visualization part I am working on a Web application with Matplotlib, plotly and Dash (Dash is a framework based on flask)

Skills used: Pandas, Flask, Python, Machine learning, Data visualization, Plotly, Matplotlib

Link to the project:
Higher School of Computer Science of Algiers     Corona Watch     Software Engineer     Course Project
Feb 2020 - Jun 2020

  • This project aims to build a mobile app for tracking the coronavirus and determine the most dangerous zones nationwide and make the user able to declare a suspected case in one click.
  • This project makes the user able to declare a suspected case in one click and also display all the related news.
  • This project includes a mobile app with Kotlin, a Django rest API for the backend, and uses react js for the web front (an administration site).
  • The project API also include a web scrapers module build in python that scraps covid related news from Youtube, Twitter and Google news.
  • I worked on the API, the scrapping module and the web frontend and the database conception with MySQL

Skills used: MySQL, Django, React, Web scrapers, REST, Python, Kotlin

Link to the project:

Link to the github:
Sonatrach     Fuel and/or maintenance demanding and managing for the service vehicle.     Web Developer     Internship
Aug 2017 - Sep 2017

  • SONATRACH is the first company in Africa, it's the only Algerian oil and gas national company.
  • I built, using Python and Django Framework, a web application for fuel and/or maintenance demanding and managing for the service vehicle.
  • I used MySQL for the database layer and Xamp server
  • For the front-end I simply used HTML, CSS, javaScript and JQuery

Skills used: MySQL, JavaScript, Django, HTML, jQuery, CSS


Higher School of Computer Science of Algiers    Engineer  (Software Engineering)
Sep 2016 - Sep 2021
Higher School of Computer Science of Algiers    MSc  (Computer Science)
Sep 2020 - Sep 2021


Machine Learning    Higher School of Computer Science of Algiers
Feb 2020 - Aug 2020
Skills learnt: Deep learning, Numpy, Tensorflow, Python, Natural language processing, Jupyter, Artificial intelligence, Data visualization, Machine learning, PyTorch, Matplotlib
Web Development    Higher School of Computer Science of Algiers
Sep 2019 - Feb 2020
Skills learnt: MySQL, JavaScript, Django, React, HTML, Python, Regex, SQLite, CSS Flex, CSS