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Joseph K - Django developer
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Joseph K

To be able to work in an organization as a full-stack developer where I can fully leverage my skills in server-side languages such as Java, Python Django, Flask, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, and scripting languages such as XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and databases such as SQL and NoSQL.

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Weekly Availability: 32 hours
Sun13 - 1705 - 09
Mon20 - 2412 - 16
Tues20 - 2412 - 16
Wed20 - 2412 - 16
Thurs20 - 2412 - 16
Fri17 - 2409 - 16
Sat10 - 1502 - 07

Hourly Rate:$25.00
Experience:3 yrs
Django:2 yrs
JavaScript:2 yrs
HTML:2 yrs
CSS:2 yrs
Python:2 yrs
AWS EC2:1+ yrs
Docker:1+ yrs
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Kenya Revenue Authority     Furika e-commerce API     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Oct 2021 - Present

  • I used Python to write the business logic of the application and write the data processing algorithms.
  • I used Django as the framework of choice to build the rest APIs.
  • I used MySQL as my database of choice for storing the e-commerce API data, such as product details, user information, order information, and cart information.
  • I used Heroku as my Paas hosting provider for deploying my application to serve the client.

Skills used: Django, Python, MySQL, Heroku

Link to the project:
Solution Social Network     Solution Social Network API     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Sep 2021 - Present

  • I use Python as the core language for building Restful APIs using Django and Django-rest framework.
  • I use Docker as my core containerization tool before running the docker containers on an AWS EC2 instance.

Skills used: Django, Python, Docker, AWS EC2

Digital Distribution Solutions     Building AWS Pipelines     Full Stack Developer     Employment
Mar 2022 - Present

  • Used AWS as my cloud infrastructure to build CI/CD Pipelines to ensure continuous integrations.
  • Used AWS EC2 instance to create virtual servers for hosting the company's applications.
  • Used AWS RDS as the core database for the company's application for ensuring read and write.
  • Used AWS S3 bucket to store the build artifacts and later pulled them and deployed them using code deploy CI/CD tool for AWS.

Skills used: AWS S3, AWS RDS, Continuous Integration, AWS, AWS EC2

Link to the github:
Digital Distribution Solutions     Bakery management system     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Mar 2022 - Present

  • I use Kotlin to build the backend API that runs on the Spring framework.
  • I use Angular as the core frontend framework to build the UI and consume my Restful APIs and Typescript as the core language to build interactive frontend pages.
  • We practice scrum for the management with daily standups coupled with Jira as our project management tool.
  • I use docker for containerizing my applications before sending them to a container management tool such as Docker registry and running them on my AWS Linux machines.
  • Our applications are deployed in AWS and I serve as the DevOps engineer who is responsible for pushing the applications to the AWS EC2 instances.

Skills used: Spring, SCRUM, Angular, Kotlin, Docker, AWS EC2

Link to the project:
Kenya Revenue Authority     Hr Survey Tool     Full Stack Developer     Internship
Jan 2021 - Present

  • Used Django for the backend part of the survey tool.
  • Used HTML to describe the structure of a web page and CSS to decide how content should be laid out on the web page.
  • Used JavaScript to implement the interactivity of the web page.

Skills used: Django, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Digital distribution Solutions     Angular Authentication     Front End Developer     Passion Project
Aug 2022 - Sep 2022

  • I used Angular as my frontend framework to build the web user interface and consume the APIs.
  • I used Typescript to build the interactive single-page application.
  • I used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap classes to create and style HTML elements.
  • I used NodeJS with ExpressJS to create a rest API to handle authorization and authentication.

Skills used: Angular, HTML, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, CSS, Typescript, Nodejs

Link to the github:
ICT Authority of Kenya     Complaints Management System     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

  • Used Laravel as the core system for building a Judiciary complaints system.
  • Used PHP as the core language for writing the entire business logic.
  • Used HTML to create the form structure of the application.
  • Used JavaScript for making the web app dynamic and updating the content in real-time and used CSS for styling the web application.

Skills used: Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Link to the github:
LD Talent     Crawl paginated data using Flask and Selenium     Developer     Passion Project
Nov 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Used Python to write the algorithms for the business logic.
  • Used Python Selenium to automate web browsers that enabled me to scrape data from different pages.
  • Used Flask as my framework of choice to build web APIs for the scraped data and return the data in a JSON format.
  • Used Pandas to store the scraped data in a data frame which then enabled me to export the data into excel.

Skills used: Python, Python Selenium, Flask, Pandas

Link to the github:
Kenya Revenue Authority     Revenue Dashboard     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Jan 2021 - Jun 2021

  • Used HTML to code the structure of the dashboard.
  • Used CSS to style the web app's HTML content and describe how the pages should be displayed.
  • Used JavaScript to create the interactivity of the website and Ajax to read data from a web server after the page has loaded and also update a web page without reloading the page.
  • Used Python to create the business logic of the website.
  • Used Flask for the backend of the web app.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Python, Flask, AJAX, JavaScript

Intsoft (k) Limited     Icoms     Front End Developer     Internship
Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

  • Used Java and Kotlin for Android native app development for a frontend that is consuming restful APIs from the backend API.
  • Used XML to design what the user interface of the mobile app would look like.

Skills used: Java, Kotlin, REST, Android native app development, XML


Maasai Mara university    B.Sc  (Computer science)
Sep 2015 - Dec 2019


Introduction to SQL servers    Data Camp
Apr 2021 - Apr 2021
Skills learnt: Microsoft SQL Server
Associate Android Developer    Andela Learning Community
Aug 2020 - Feb 2021
Skills learnt: Java, Kotlin

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