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Lauren F - Data visualization developer
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Lauren F

Data Scientist based in the Bay Area with background in using machine learning algorithms for data science solutions. Knowledgeable in data storage and manipulation practices using SQL and python. Creates visualizations and dashboards using technologies including google data studio, tableau, plotly and seaborn. Experienced in deploying data science applications to Heroku using flask and making publicly accessible visualization dashboards.

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Weekly Availability: 50 hours
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Hourly Rate: $31.25
Experience: 3+ yrs
Data visualization: 2 yrs
Data Analytics: 2 yrs
R for Statistics: 2 yrs
Pandas: 1 yrs
Git: 1 yrs
SQL: 1 yrs
Machine learning: 1 yrs
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Correlation One     Projecting Case Counts     Data Science Fellow     Internship
Apr 2021 - Aug 2021

  • Led a team of 7 doing time series forecasting on cases of infectious diseases using machine learning algorithms in Python
  • Collaborated within github repositories, merged branches and assisting others in making version controlled contributions
  • Manipulated data using Pandas package and SQL, creating visualizations in Plotly for dashboard hosted on Heroku with Flask

Skills used: SQL, Flask, Pandas, Plotly, Git

ViviendasLeon     Crop Classifier     Data Science Consultant     Internship
Jan 2021 - May 2021
Food and Agriculture

  • Developed and maintained client relationships by translating business requirements to data science solutions.
  • Improved farming outcomes by building a machine learning classifier to predict the crops that would perform best based on client inputs. Deployed model with flask on Heroku.
  • Maximized volunteer farming data learnings by creating Google Data Studio dashboards supplemented with Tableau visuals.
  • Manipulated data in Pandas, merging multiple data sources acquired & modified by data engineering

Skills used: Machine learning, Data Engineering, Flask, Pandas, Data Science, Tableau

Code for America     Police Budget     Volunteer Analyst     Passion Project
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

  • Data analytics and manipulation of data using Pandas
  • Created visualization in Python package Plotly for budgeting data visualization dashboard

Skills used: Data Analytics, Pandas, Data visualization, Plotly, Python

Metis     Summer Fellowship     Data Scientist     Internship
Jun 2020 - Sep 2020

  • Participated in a 13 week fellowship completing 5 data science projects on a range of topics
  • Stored big data sources on Google Cloud Platform, accessed using Apache Spark and SQL queries
  • Forecasted time series data with scikit-learn using machine learning algorithms linear regression, arima and vector auto regression
  • Committed and collaborated on repositories using Git Hub version control
  • Used natural language processing to perform topic modeling and analysis of cluster visualizations from crowdsourced data at onset of 2020 pandemic

Skills used: Apache Spark, scikit-learn, SQL, Machine learning, Git

Connection Massage     Analyzing Patient Trajectory     Owner and Analyst     Employment
Jul 2018 - Mar 2020

  • Programmed in R for Statistics analysis of patient spinal alignments at chiropractic office
  • Manipulated data for Data Analytics to be HIPAA compliant
  • Data visualization of time series patient spinal alignment trajectories using ggplot in R
  • Assessed process of early patient scheduling methods

Skills used: Data Analytics, Data visualization, R for Statistics


City College of San Francisco    Statistics 
Jan 2019 - May 2022