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Mundruku C - React native developer
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Mundruku C

I am a passionate web and mobile app developer with too much love for OOP paradigm ideas and concepts in real-world applications and I always feel happy when the applications I create impact society positively. Programming and football are my lifetime hobbies.

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Hourly Rate: $19.00
Experience: 3+ yrs
React native: 2+ yrs
Laravel: 2+ yrs
MySQL: 2+ yrs
React: 2 yrs
Bootstrap: 2 yrs
JavaScript: 2 yrs
AJAX: 1+ yrs
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Tallen     Farmsell Mobile App     Software Developer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Present

  • Developed the mobile app version of the farm sell app, both android and iOS using React Native
  • I used the same API endpoints for the web developed using Laravel, MySQL and passport

Skills used: React native

Link to the project:
Trail Analytics     Coopprofiler     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Dec 2021 - May 2022
Media and Communication

  • Created the front end using Vue.js library and Bootstrap library for styling
  • Created API endpoints consumed using ajax request from a vue.js post or get request depending on the state
  • Used Mysql database management system and Linux OS in the local development environment and it was deployed on the same infrastructure
  • I automated emails using Laravel framework built-in advanced mailing capability

Skills used: MySQL, Vue.js, Laravel, Linux, AJAX, Bootstrap

Link to the project:
Tallen     Farmsell Web App     Developer     Employment
Jun 2020 - May 2022

  • Created the front end using React library and React bootstrap for styling
  • The API endpoint request is made using Axios HTTP client that has lots of good features
  • The API endpoints are coded using Laravel.
  • The API endpoints are secured using the passport Laravel package
  • Mysql database management system was used as a database management system

Skills used: MySQL, React, Laravel, Bootstrap

Link to the project:
Parachute     Developer     Contract
May 2021 - Aug 2021

  • Deployed a flask app on ubuntu instance on AWS with SSL certificate installed
  • Integrated javascript (Containing the API URLs) and HTML pages in WordPress (php CMS) site
  • Secured the endpoints with SSL certificate ie a secured front end and not make a request to unsecured endpoint thus the need for SSL certificate installation
  • Used vanilla java-script instead of React library and nodejs

Skills used: PHP, React, Nodejs, Wordpress

Link to the project:
tallen     SHUULE     Full Stack Developer     Employment
May 2020 - Dec 2020

  • I deployed the application on digital ocean remote Ubuntu 16.04 droplets
  • I designed the database schema for the application, and as well separated the application concerns between the administrators, guests, and registered users and used a MySQL database management system
  • I have set up the different routes, controllers, custom middlewares, guards, forget password logic and as well the whole logic flow -- set up by me using Laravel framework with PHP
  • Working with the Jquery javascript library made DOM manipulation very simple and as well view logic implementation -- blade template built-in tools made things so easy.
  • I implemented partial page loading using ajax forms and we also used most of the jquery plugins such as the auto search plugin for global searching of application items

Skills used: MySQL, PHP, Laravel, AJAX, JavaScript

Link to the project:
Tallen     nassart     Front End Developer     Employment
Jun 2019 - Apr 2020

  • I used CSS flex Layout and CSS Media queries to make the application mobile responsive
  • I used the Liquid template engine to render the view with the data coming from the database
  • I used JavaScript for view and DOM manipulation

Skills used: CSS, JavaScript, CSS Flex

Link to the project:


Kyambongo University    Bachelors in Information Technology and computing  (Computer Science)
Aug 2015 - Dec 2018


Mobile Web Specialist    Google in Partnership with Andela and PluralSight
Jun 2019 - Dec 2019
Skills learnt: Agile, REST, Angular, Nodejs, Git, Semantic-UI, jQuery, JavaScript, MongoDB, Bootstrap
Android developer Treck    Google in Partnership with Andela and PluralSight
Jun 2020 - Dec 2020
Skills learnt: Kotlin, Java, Android Studio

Client Reviews

Hi Ivan, any chance you could share the progress, e.g. show me a screen shot or something similar?