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Prajin K - PyTorch developer
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Prajin K

I am a Computer Science graduate, and working professionally as an AI Engineer with core focus on building and integrating Machine learning applications.

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Hourly Rate:$31.25
Experience:3+ yrs
PyTorch:3+ yrs
Python:3+ yrs
Deep learning:2+ yrs
Docker:2+ yrs
Natural language processing:2 yrs
Speech recognition:1+ yrs
Computer vision:1+ yrs
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Dogma Group     Contrastive Learning from image and text     AI Engineer     Employment
Jan 2022 - Present

  • Worked on computer vision techniques: Object detection, Instance segmentation ( training and fine tuning ) in Python and Pytorch. Involved in hiring ML human resources ( Interview, Onboarding )
  • Research on deep learning approach such as Contrastive learning techniques to extract information from images and text at once. Deployed demo app in Azure.

Skills used: Deep learning, Computer vision, Azure, PyTorch, Python

Tribhuwan University     Nepali Automatic Speech Recognition System     ML Engineer     Course Project
Sep 2021 - Present

  • Nepali Automatic Speech recognition system.
  • Worked on Data collection, validation, Model building in Pytorch and deployment.
  • Worked on Supervised learning ( RNN, Transformers ) with Python.
  • Worked on Semi Supervised learning deep learning methods, i.e., on wav2vec2 architecture (training , fine-tuning the model ).
  • Worked on Natural Language processing pipeline.

Skills used: Natural language processing, Deep learning, Speech recognition, PyTorch, Python

Fusemachines     Plagiarism Checker     Machine Learning Engineer     Employment
Feb 2021 - Dec 2021

  • Developed Plagiarism checker (English and Nepali ) in Python.
  • Used AWS Elasticsearch for finding syntactically similar documents, deep learning methods built with Pytorch to compare them semantically.
  • Worked on Natural language processing pipeline.
  • Deployed the containerized application( Docker ) on AWS lambda with CI/CD pipeline ( Jenkins).

Skills used: Natural language processing, Deep learning, Docker, AWS Elasticsearch, AWS Lambda, Python, PyTorch

Link to the project:
Fusemachines     Digitzing Online Examination     Machine Learning Engineer     Employment
Apr 2020 - Jan 2021

  • Developed Face Detection, Recognition, Anti-spoofing application using Pytorch and Python.
  • Deployed the containerized micro-services with event driven architecture using AWS SQS, ECR, and EKS. (Kubernetes).
  • Developed Gaze estimation, head-pose estimation models.
  • Developed Speaker verification using Python and Pytorch. Used AWS services S3, and SQS
  • Deployed the containerized micro-services ( Docker) in Flask.

Skills used: Docker, PyTorch, Python, Kubernetes, Flask, AWS

Link to the project:
Fusemachines     Content Creation     Machine Learning Engineer Trainee     Employment
Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

  • Involved heavily in creating content (Reading materials, Slides, Videos, Coding Assignments, Projects) related to Machine learning, Deep learning using Python, and Pytorch.
  • I learned in-depth about ML, DL algorithms, use cases, data analysis with Pandas, and deployment pipeline with Docker. This experience improved my Python proficiency.

Skills used: Deep learning, Docker, Pandas, PyTorch, Machine learning, Python

Link to the project:


Bhaktapur Multiple Campus    BSC. CSIT  (Computer Science)
Aug 2018 - Aug 2022


AWS Machine Learning Speciality    Amazon Web Service
Jul 2021 - Aug 2022
Skills learnt: Deep learning, Docker, AWS S3, AWS ECR, AWS EC2, Machine learning, AWS
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate    Microsoft Azure
Aug 2020 - Sep 2020
Skills learnt: Deep learning, Azure, Data mining, Data Engineering, Machine learning