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Vishwesh S - MySQL developer
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United Kingdom
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Vishwesh S

I am a developer who started programming self-taught at a young age (in 2015) and is passionate about computers. Gradually industrial practices became acquainted with me. I would describe myself as: "I am just a problem solver and coding is my primary tool".

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Weekly Availability: 69 hours
Sun11 - 2003 - 12
Mon10 - 2002 - 12
Tues10 - 2002 - 12
Wed10 - 2002 - 12
Thurs10 - 2002 - 12
Fri09 - 2001 - 12
Sat11 - 2003 - 12

Hourly Rate:$31.25
Experience:5 yrs
MySQL:2 yrs
CSS:2 yrs
Java:2 yrs
HTML:2 yrs
Dart:1+ yrs
Android native app development:1+ yrs
Kotlin:1+ yrs
Engineer's Devices:
Android Tablet

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6.6 hours
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Tellygence Technology     Media Streaming Platform     Software Developer     Employment
Jan 2022 - Present

  • Developing frontend application that is compatible with Android, iOS, and Android TV using Flutter and Dart. Using custom Kotlin for Android Native app development.
  • Developing backend using Spring Boot and Kotlin following API and Microservices structure. API-based development includes a writing service to parse stream data coming from external sources.

Skills used: Android native app development, Dart, Flutter, Kotlin, Spring

TraderStats     Trading Portfolio     Full Stack Developer     Contract
Aug 2022 - Sep 2022

  • Designed and developed UI using React. (Also included porting Flutter UI into React for initial screens)
  • Designed and developed backend systems using Python/Flask and MariaDB .

Skills used: Flask, Python, React, MariaDB

Plodit LTD     Java E-commerce Scraping Application     Full-stack Web Developer     Employment
Jun 2018 - Apr 2020

  • Developed frontend/client using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery/AJAX. Some projects included building components and rendering using React and Flutter/Dart.
  • Wrote script using Java to scrape data from an e-commerce platform, process the data, and store the data. Designed databases using MySQL, Oracle DB, and/or MariaDB.

Skills used: HTML, MySQL, CSS, Java

Self Learning     Contact Management Java Web App     Full Stack Developer     Passion Project
Mar 2019 - Mar 2019

  • Developed frontend using DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and/or AJAX).
  • Used Java EE and its tools (like Servlets, Filters, etc) and MySQL for backend processing and data storage.

Skills used: MySQL, Java, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, HTML

ATMC - University of Sunshine Coast     Media Rentals Application     Web Developer     Course Project
Sep 2018 - Sep 2018

  • Developed frontend using DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and/or AJAX).
  • Used PHP and MySQL for backend processing and data storage.

Skills used: jQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, AJAX, HTML


ATMC - University Of Sunshine Coast    Diploma  (Information and Communication Technology (ICT))
Jun 2018 - Aug 2019
Anglia Ruskin University    BEng  (Computer Science)
Jan 2022 - Jan 2024


Information and Communication Technology    ATMC - University of Sunshine Coast
Jun 2018 - Aug 2019
Skills learnt: MySQL, jQuery, Java, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML
Computer Science    Anglia Ruskin University
Jan 2022 - Jan 2024
Skills learnt: Windows Application Development, .NET, MySQL, C#